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How to Choose the Best Screened in Porch Materials

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Porch is one of the crucial elements in your house. It can bring a sense of beautifulness as well as protection.

Choosing the best screen for the porch is an important point. You can start to install the materials based on this tips.

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1. The Screen Materials

What is your favorite material for your porch? There are so many options that you can choose. You have to choose the materials that fit best to your need. If you want the materials with many benefits, aluminum and fiberglass are the best choice.

You can choose aluminum materials to install as your screen. Aluminum screen is practical. It can easily bend. You can use various tools to cut the aluminum screens. It is also dependable. You can get it in market easily and it is cheap.

Aluminum screen is a strong material to apply on your porch. It is resistant to corrosion. It lasts long so that you can use it in the permanent house.

If you want to protect your house against bugs, just use fiberglass screen. It has small holes, therefore it can helps in keeping the bugs out. Besides that, it doesn’t scratch easily. It can also create an ecstatic sense because fiberglass doesn’t stain, rust, or corrode.

Fiberglass is a flexible material. It is more flexible than aluminum. It comes with many colors. More colors to choose means more style to apply. This screen also gives you the easy maintenance. Once you apply this screen, you get protection for your house.

Fiberglass screening for porches

2. The Best Colors to Choose

Colors are a focal point when you install the screen materials. The right colors will give the best view for the porch. Maximize the beauty of the porch by choosing the perfect colors for it.

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If you use the aluminum screen, there are three main colors that you can choose. You can choose black, charcoal, or silver colors. It is highly recommended if you choose the black or charcoal colors instead of silver colors. Why? It is because the silver color tends to produce light during the sunny day.

Black glass screened in porch

If you do not like monochrome colors, you can use fiberglass. Fiberglass will give you more colors to choose. It offers bronze, sand, and also white colors.

3. Choosing the best screen style

The materials are highly connected with the needs. Pay attention to what you need, and choose the material which suits well for it.

If you want privacy, just use the dark screen. The dark colors will cover the house. It will create shaded porch while the light will reflect from the surface and shielding the home.

If you want protection from the pet, you can install the fiberglass screen. The fiberglass is well known of the protection against animal. Do not worry. The thicker fiberglass screen is able to hold pet’s scratch.

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Applying the screen for you porch is not an easy things. There are many things to consider. You have to consider the screen materials, the colors, and also its benefits. Therefore, choose the best screen to apply and create a beautiful yet safe house for your family.


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