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Tips to Choose Modern Kitchen Island Chairs

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One thing most people almost forget is placing proper and suitable chairs to their kitchen. Some people do not really maintain it and some people do not even consider it.

Whereas, kitchen chairs are important to create and support the atmosphere for all types and any designs of kitchen.

Here are some things you need to consider to choose modern chairs for your kitchen.

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1. Kitchen Styles and Counters

You can start considering about what kind of chair you will bring to your kitchen from its design. Please be wise in matching both styles.

After that, you also need to look at your kitchen table, since you are going to put the chairs under it.

There are 3 kinds of heights you need to understand.

a. Standard Table

This table is the most common table that people use. It has around 90 centimeters of clearance underneath the table.

This kind of table will need standard size of dinning chair. This chair will help people to sit at the table for meal without raising their arms too high.

b. Bar Height Counter

Ranging about 100 x 1o x 105 centimeters from the floor, bar height counter requires taller stools. 70 – 75 centimeters from the floor to the seat would be ideal. It will provide a comfortable sitting position.

c. Tall Bar Counter

This is the highest of standard options. Even though it is commonly used for outdoor bar settings, some people still have it for their indoor bar settings.

These counters usually are ranging about 120 centimeters above the floor and require about 80-85 centimeters stools in height.

Although it is not recommended for children, this combination is helpful for people who need extra clearance.

Small Modern Kitchen Island Chairs with brown cabinet

2. Considering the Situation

This factor is actually the key of deciding the right kitchen chairs. If you are in the process of renovation, you will absolutely have the freedom to choose the type of chairs you like.

You do not need to think about what counters you have since you still have the chance to change everything.

However, if you do not plan to have much change in your kitchen, you can be forced to use some particular size.

Modern Kitchen Island Chairs L shaped with flower and sink as decoration at counter top

3. Considering the Lifespan

This is the factor that some people usually ignore. When the first time you buy the chairs for your kitchen, make sure you really understand about what it is made of and how to use it properly.

Some people ended up with regret when they find that they need to replace their kitchen chairs so often. Make sure the chairs that you buy have warranty. A wise choosing at the beginning will save your money from buying the new one.

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From all those factors, we can say that situation will help you the most in looking for modern chairs. You do not need to consider your counters, but still you have to be careful at the first time you pick the chairs. Hence, you will never regret your choice in the future.

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