Cozy and Small Enclosed Porch Decorating Ideas

Cozy and Small Enclosed Porch Decorating Ideas

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An enclosed porch is surely a cozy place to relax, it is a great place to enjoy the day or after come home from work.

An enclosed porch usually has small size yet it is still roomy. To make your enclosed porch to be more comfortable, try to apply these ideas to decorate it:

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1. Put Some Plants

This is a must-have for you who have an enclosed porch. Like what has mentioned before that an enclosed porch is surely a cozy place to relax; this is why plants should be added into it.

Plants are known to have relaxing property whenever human eyes see it. You can put an artificial plant or the real ones.

The benefit from putting real plants is that it produces oxygen, which can help you to be more relaxed. Yet it also invites bugs and insects to come into your enclosed porch; which is irritating.

The benefit and disadvantage from putting artificial plant are the exact opposite to the real one. It won’t let any bug come into your enclosed porch, but it won’t produce oxygen. The size of the plant can be various, from small pots to the big ones.

2. Build a Nook Bench

White shelves enclosed porch

A nook is a favorite place that will be great near your window. What if your enclosed porch has it? It would be the coziest enclosed porch, wouldn’t it? If you are good with your handcraftsmanship, then you should build one for yourself.

On the bench frame, add some shelves or drawers to store your books. This way, you can relax while enjoying your favorite book.

Make sure you add some pillows to make your time there more enjoyable. If your enclosed porch is in the front of the house entrance, you can put your shoes in the drawers or shelves.

3. Add Furniture

If your enclosed porch is in the backyard, it means that there is no front door for other people to access. Then, you can add some furniture like an end table or a dining table in it.

The end table can be a place to put your flower vase or your coffee mug while the dining table can be used to enjoy your breakfast.

Due to the small size and less space, the dining table can just be a bar that installed by the windows to sit you can just take a stool from the kitchen.

Also, you might want to add a chair or bench if your small enclosed porch has enough room for them. This way, your enclosed porch will be a great place for you to enjoy your coffee or tea break. If your enclosed porch is by the house entrance, you might want to add a coat hanger.

Enclosed porch furniture

Have you ever had the thought to apply any of the ideas above? Well, those ideas to decorate your enclosed porch are known to be common ideas yet they are also able to make you feel comfortable all day long. What are you waiting for? Put the decorations above into your enclosed porch and enjoy your time there!

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