Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Low Ceilings

Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Low Ceilings

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Kitchen is a room that is visited mostly by people at home. Therefore, many people tend to decorate their kitchen as beautiful as possible by painting the wall, arranging the kitchen stuff, and choosing the appropriate lighting.

Yup, lighting is crucial for a room decoration, including kitchen. Depending on the ceiling, there are two types of kitchen including kitchen with high ceilings and kitchen with low ceilings.

You can use the lighting to make the low ceiling looks higher. These are some types of lighting that you can try.

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Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting is commonly put in the low ceilings kitchen. It has a traditional design with steel, zinc, chrome, and wire.

This kind of lighting gives a clean line and graphic of old-world feel. So, not only giving the old style of decoration, it also manipulates the low ceiling from the sight.

Traditional design

Modern and Contemporary Lighting

Modern and contemporary lighting creates an elegant feel to the kitchen. It will be suitable if it is combined with black or white decoration so that it emphasizes the elegant atmosphere in the kitchen.

Besides, modern and contemporary lighting has its own beautiful visual interest at the ceilings and also it makes the room seems larger.

Modern or contemporary with led

Classic and Simple Lighting

If you want to make the low ceiling looks higher, you can use the lighting that simply blends with the surrounding decoration. For example, if the kitchen wall is painted blue, you may have blue color to cover the light.

It will manipulate the height of the ceiling. Otherwise, choosing a fixture with geometric pattern can also be chosen to make the ceiling looks higher.

Classic and simple lighting

Recessed Lighting

By using recessed lighting, the light source will be baffled. It reduces the glare of the light because if the glare is too much, it will be bad for your eyes. Having low ceilings provides less space.

Thus, in order to get enough lighting coverage from the ceiling, you can use fitting capable for handling the widths of wider beam. Recessed lighting causes an illusion of having higher ceilings.

With recessed

Flush Mounted Lighting

Flush mounted lighting is fitted close to the ceiling so it keeps the space that is provided. Therefore, this kind of lighting is very suitable for low ceilings kitchen.

Flush mounted lighting is made from various materials and it also has many styles and designs. Thus, you can choose the design of flush mounted lighting for your kitchen properly.

Flush Mounted Lighting

Those are five types of lighting that can be fitted in kitchen with low ceilings. Actually, the height of the ceilings or even the decoration of the ceilings will not be a matter as long as you choose a proper lighting.

Lighting makes all difference in room so it can manipulate or create an illusion in the kitchen. As an example, low ceiling in the kitchen will be seen higher than the reality.

Thus, the use of lighting is very helpful for the room. Now, it is your choice to choose the style of the lighting for your low ceiling kitchen.

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