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DIY Front Door Decor Ideas Simple

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Greeting the guests can be done through your front decor as well. Depending on how you like it, your front door will leave the first impression towards your guests.

There are actually several DIY ideas for this that you should consider using.

Check out the following list for some ideas.

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1. Old Containers and Greeneries

Flowers and greeneries are always welcomed addition at the front door. You don’t have to think about something big and expensive.

Instead, use your old containers as well in combination with the new one. Choose different sizes at once and different shapes as well. It creates more dynamic look while it looks very welcoming at the same time.

Play with the plants as well. You can plant topiary evergreens, rosemary, and geraniums in those containers.

Plant pot outdoor front porches
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2. Chalkboard Sign Door

This idea is popular right now due to the trend on rustic style. Instead of hanging a small notebook so your neighbor can leave a message, you should consider hanging small chalkboard.

Write something like “Welcome” to greet them while you are at home. If you want to, you can leave some space so they can write down a message on the board while you are away. This decor is actually really cute while it offers real function as well.

Chalkboard hanging sign

Other ideas, you can use the door as a board. You need to choose a suitable door design. For two tier doors, usually the outside of door using iron bars and glass door, chalkboard door will benefit more, because it does not accept interference from outside.

Chalkboard front door sign decor

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3. Flower Basket Door

The idea is simple enough. It requires a small to medium sized basket to hang on your front door. Then, we add cut flowers in the basket. The size of the basket is totally up to your taste. Small basket is cute and nice while the medium one is very inviting and nice to look at as well.

Even an over sized basket will make a splendor decor at your front door. Add fresh cut flowers every few days, and add flowers that are in season. It doesn’t only look good, but it actually incorporates the season atmosphere, making the decor up to date the whole year.

Flower basket door hanger decor ideas
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4. Over sized Dream Catcher

You can recycle the old bicycle wheel for this dream catcher. It doesn’t take a great DIY skill as well to make it. You will need to incorporate the bicycle rim with strips of fabric, ribbons, lace ribbons, and anything else you want to add.

If you want to, you can paint a chair in bold color and set it on the front door side so they can sit while waiting for you to open the door.

Christmas front door ideas diy

5. Bold Painted Door

One of the best things to decor your front door is by painting it in bold color. Choose one solid color that represents the season like yellow for fall.

Yellow front door paint color ideas
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It doesn’t allow you to get the updated look every season, but it pops out a surprise element on your front door. Showing the household is cheering the moments. It invites and welcomes people in ways you never expect before.

So you don’t have to go crazy when it comes to decorating your house. Choose simple ideas like those above and add your style in it. Happy DIY-ing!

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