Faux wooden Garage Door Decorating Ideas with glass windows
Faux wooden Garage Door Decorating Ideas with glass windows, Image: jeleba.com

Fabulous Garage Door Decorating Ideas

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Since exterior decorating should be done around the same period, you might be too tired to pick detailed pieces for the garage door.

It works just fine until you realize that your door needs a makeover. Instead of playing safe, take your spot to shine with these decoration ideas.

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1. Faux Wooden Door

Unless you have an indented garage door framed with natural stones, you one tone garage door will not stay long.

The sun will easily damage the color, sketching its own ugly shades on your door. If you are a big fan of painting craft, try this faux wooden door.

First, you need to clean the peeled door with shower wash. Once you get clean garage door wood, you can apply the dark brown glaze thoroughly. It dries in minutes, but you need to wait a little longer if you want to get certain coverage.

The drying time might be longer if you do the project on a cloudy day. Finish the painting process with a clear coating to extend the durability.

2. Quirky Wallpaper

This one idea will surely make your guests smile. It is a simple and low cost, but giving the highest pleasure for those who have a unique taste.

The item is vinyl sticker. The sticky paper has over sized picture print. Some of popular views are cars, planes, ocean, interior, and animals.

All you need to do is to stick them on the door. Do not skip the cleaning routine. As you know well, sticker would not glue tightly if the surface is dirty. It will pull the dusts instead.

If your attach it right, this quirky wallpaper will create eye illusion. At the first sight, guests might think that the picture is real.

Amazing exterior with truck sticker for Garage Door Decorating Ideas

3. Collage of Pattern and Color

Different things in one space usually end up as a cluster. You can make it pretty by making a collage from those things.

FoIt is for decorative purpose, but still, a part of you should be there. Pick one theme that suits you like. Search for it online and save it.

You will need to make the pictures a sticker, if you hate hard work. Another option is to go find some unused items and make use of them.

Do not forget to follow collage pattern for tidy arrangement. After all, you want to make it adorable. Embossed relief is nice, but make sure it won’t stuck on the opener machine.

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4. Blind Imitation

The idea of blind imitation comes from the window. The difference lays on how big the picture that could be seen from the frame.

Putting this concept to the garage door allows the outsider to see 20-30% of the inside. The number will be smaller if you put put blurred glass to the plan.

To build this door, you need to slip 5 cm of glass on each section. If you install the rolled up type, you need to replace two lines from the door. After installation, run the garage door to see if the attachment tied properly.

The garage door serves multiple functions: as the place to keep the vehicles and also the important first impression determiner. People turning their head while passing your house could mean good or bad. It is either you have a fabulous or tedious garage. The good news is you have five solutions offered. It is your turn to decide the style of the garage door.

Garage Door Decorating Ideas

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