Top Modern Wooden garage Doors Ideas

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Are you currently in need of finding a perfect garage door for modern homes of yours?

We’ve got lots of design ideas of favorite modern wooden garage door that will surely suit your modern homes best.

When it comes to choosing the right garage doors, it is very important to pick the one that can resemble your home design.

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1. Cowart Door – Full View Garage Door with Mahogany Frame

Loving furniture from mahogany? You need to try this Cowart garage door then! This Cowart door comes with full-view style and a frame made from mahogany. This garage door is a great idea from Designer Doors, Inc. This garage door is able to provide you with a very distinctive feel than the garage door with aluminum frame.

In short, this full-view garage door has a frame made from mahogany that comes with dark finishing. This garage door occupies glass in sea-blue tone that really complements the tone color of the frame. This garage door even looks “wow” when the color of the glass is in the same tone with the color of the garage floor tile.

For the walls of the garage, it is suggested that homeowners use pastel colors like soft grey. This garage door simply makes the vibe of the front part of the house softer and way more sophisticated.

2. Cowart Door – Modern Wood Garage Door

Here comes another modern wooden garage door ideas made from mahogany. If you don’t really like full-view-styled garage door, opt for this one. This Cowart door is a customized wood garage that is made from Sapele mahogany.

What makes this garage door different from the previous one is that this garage door occupies flooring joint T & G boards of horizontal flush. The T&G boards are able to create a furniture comes in high elegance. Using this kind of garage door will surely make you reminisce the fine dining table from the 18th century.

To even give more elegance feel, this garage door is stained with Sikkens Cetol 1/23. Besides, the door is also stain system in Teak color. The finishing of this garage door effortlessly makes the garage door simply elegant and modern.

3. Cowart Door – Custom Wood Garage Door

This garage door employs a layer of Groove and Tongue boards. This door is made with flush joins as well as a “dime gap”. The gap and the joints are surely the key elements that make this garage door both subtle and also sophisticated.

The design of the garage door is actually simple. However, the dark finishing of this garage door along with the subtle gray paint on the garage wall really create a modern and contemporary vibe to the front part of the house. Another great color choice for the garage wall paint can also be subtle brown that is still in the same color family with the finishing tone of the garage door.

The element of the garage door mingles perfectly with the garage wall. To make some contrast, it is suggested that homeowners use bright floor tile. Don’t use dark floor tile so that the feel around the garage won’t be too dark.

4. Cowart Door – Garage Door from Quarter Sawn White Oak

Are you fans of sawn white oak or simply oak? You must try this garage door then! This garage door is made from sawn white oak. The wood simply makes the garage door the prominent feature that catches big attention in the front part of the house.

The garage door comes with many features: horizontal T&G boards, quarter sawn white oak, and flush join in “dime gap”. Quarter sawn oak is one type of wood that has been favored for architectural trim and furniture for more than 100 years in both Europe and the US.

What makes quarter sawn oak great for a garage door is the sophisticated and unique look that is enhanced by the finishing from Sikkens. This garage door can even look more perfect when it is blended with traditional materials and a modern interpretation.

5. Cowart Door – Modern Wood Garage Doors with “Dime Gap”

Here comes another great garage door idea made from Sapele Mahogany. This time, the Sapele Mahogany is crafted in contemporary horizontal design that is complemented with a “dime gap”. This garage door also features two vertical stiles that are inlaid perfectly.

To complement the Mahogany wood soffit and the wood features of this garage door, the stain finishing from Sikkens is used. All those features along with the finishing mingle together to create beautiful front part of the house. To complement the look of the garage door, give the garage door dark frame and to give some contrast, choose light floor tile.

What is so unique about this garage door is the apparent absence that can be seen in the horizontal breaks in between door sections. This garage door is located only twenty feet or so from the street. It enables the garage doors to show off its sophisticated details of its wood grain to its casual viewers.

6. Cowart Door – Modern Wood Garage Door with Clopay Model

Last but not least, check this modern wood garage door that comes with two Clopay Model 33 Flush Luans that is made from mahogany wood. This garage door has some unique features that boost its modern vibe.

One of the features is the Long Panel windows that are installed in the upper part of the garage door, making it less boring and more contemporary. Those windows are also able to provide sleek upgrade and warmth to the modern house.

To complement the modern and contemporary vibe of the garage door, the finishing from Sikkens Cetol 1/23 + Stain system are chosen to enhance the elegance of the door and to make sure that the doors are long lasting for years.

You surely have plenty choices of modern wooden garage door. All you need to do to choose the right garage door is to understand the style of your modern house, your preference, and the vibe you want to have in the front part of your home.

Top Modern Wooden garage Doors Ideas

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