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Garage Door Panel sizes for Modern Style Home

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Do you know that the simple things like the door panel in the garage can catch the attention?

This concept will make you pay more attention when you apply the door panel.

The garage door panels come in many different size, measure the best one and taste the difference.


1. The Standard Panels Door Size

The Panel’s door has various styles and appealing colors. If you want  do single sectional door the standard panel are range from 2010 mm × 2415 mm × 3500 mm.

But if you have a double sectional door, the panel standard size are 2010 mm × 3505 × 6700 mm. It fit to the 400 mm minimum headroom.

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2. ISO Garage Door Panels

When remember about ISO, the international sense will come out quickly. To apply such an international standards into our house all you have to do is use the ‘sandwich’ construction.

You can use the sandwich panels which consist of two steel to suit the width of your garage door opening. It has high quality paint layer.

The zinc coating for this type is 275 g/and 0, 5 mm steel sheet. If you want to secure your fingers when opening or closing the doors, you can use the panels because this panel is specially shaped to minimalist the accident.

The panel thickness is up to 40 mm with density PU foam 40 kg/. If you are attracted with ISO style, you have four variants of the panels from 488 mm or 610 heights.

3. Micro-rib Profiling Panels

This panel has a modern appearance with a refined design. If you want something which expensive and stylish, just use this mode. It has 8 mm micro-rib profiling to smooth the outer skin. It also provides good security.

Besides that, this panel is easy to maintain and clean. It is the Ideal choice for your modern home. The other outer skin type of this style has 16 mm micro-rib profiling.

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4. Stucco Embossing Panels

This type of panels can solve the problem of dust and dirt. If you like the traditional style, you can apply this panel into your garage door. This panel is stylish and has excellent thermal insulation.

Like the previous type, this panel also easy to maintain and durable. While if you want to make a harmonious garage door by apply this type, just use Smooth Finish Panels on the outer face of the door.

5. ALU Panels Garage Door

This type allows different configuration and use aluminum profiles. You can divide each panel within the technical limit. Create balance and harmony by using this style.

If you like the transparent materials, you can use this panel. This panel is more resistant than Styrene acrylonitrile.

The most important thing when you want to apply the panels into your door is the way you can maintenance it. You can match the style into your garage door panels, choose the size which resembles the taste and do not forget to maintain the durability. Make your own modern garage door design last for a long time.

Traditional short garage steel door panel

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