Creative Garage Makeover Ideas

Simple Creative Garage Makeover Ideas

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Garage is often a place where you don’t like seeing it the most at the house. It is time to change it.

There are many ways to explore that will enhance the look and function of the room.

The following ideas are simple enough yet impacting on the look and function of your garage. Check it out.

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1. Workbench and Serving Cart

Many times, garage makes another room for your party. In addition to organizing stuffs, and tiding it up, you should consider adding a table that will serve as a workbench while you are working in the garage and a serving cart for your weekend party.

Softwood board will make a decent material and laminating will make pristine finish for a party table. Make sure it has shelves below to store your tools so you can serve the drink on top. Every time you host a party, you can swipe the room right away.

2. Sliding Panels

The best way to makeover a garage is by transforming the room into different room almost instantly. With so many storages on the wall, this seems like something a miracle does. But no, it is highly possible with sliding panels. These panels allow you to reveal and cover your wall storages instantly.

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Every time you plan to use the garage for some occasions, just slide the panel. Opt for whitewood board so you can color it as you want it. Build the panels from ceiling to the floor in all areas with storage.

Garage storage with sliding door

3. Stenciled Storage

Do you know that decorating the garage with storage rack is possible? It is possible if you use stencilled rack on the wall. Choose stencil on the colors you like, adjusting to your interior style and appeal. Hang a stencil board, about ½ x 1 ½ meters size, and put on a frame.

Then, categorize your stuff and hang each category on one specific stencilled rack. While it makes the garage a lot tidier, it will look nice, like a wall decor. Try wooden frame for a little class.

Stenciled Storage garage makeover ideas

4. Movie Room

The best thing about a garage is that you can always spare extra room for other purposes. This time, you should consider adding a movie room inside. It takes a little effort to make sections in the garage but you don’t need to border the sections with anything.

Just set up one side of the wall and bold your movie set on the wall. Add a rug, a couch, and a little table nearby. Adding a little padding on the garage wall is also wise to make sure neighbours aren’t disturbed by the sound later.

Movie Room garage makeover ideas

5. Garage with Bar

Who doesn’t love a bar every now and then? Instead of leaving one side of the garage empty and clutters start to fill it, work on some organizing for your tools and stuffs on the either side of the room. Spare one wall of the garage and build booze rack and shelves on it.

For a complete bar look, add the bar table with stools and the accessories. Every time you invite the neighbour for a drink and a little chat, you don’t have to invite them inside.

Makeover ideas Garage bar design ideas

6. Home Office in the Garage

This is another day of making over your garage. If your garage happens to be vacant all the time with nothing to do in it, you can transform all the room as a home office. Instead, you can take a section of your garage and remaking it. Use the tall shelves as book shelves after refinishing it with different color.

Take a section of the working table as your office table. Add comfortable chair and reading lamp for more elaborated office. Rugs and wall paintings should be added too to make contrast difference with your garage section.

Home office in the garage makeover ideas

7. Your Own Gym

This is the perfect idea of making over your garage if you love to work out a lot. A garage has the space, it has the height, and it has the entire other elements to make a decent gym.

You may need to install several exercise tools and gears here. Add some mattresses for a little safety and make sure it has good circulation for working out.

Garage to gym makeover ideas

8. Kids Play Room

Of course a garage can make a great play room for the kids. You only need to refinish the room with more cheerful colors so your kids love it instantly.

The next step is to add rugs and mattresses for them, and installing new things to play including swings, rope, and monkey climbing bars.  Don’t remove your garage storages and cabinets so you can store toys there.

It will be spacious enough for your kids to play and even invite the neighbour kids. Plus, you can say good bye to the cluttering toys in the house problem.

Kids play garage makeover ideas

9. Art Studio

The best thing of transforming your garage into an art studio is how you get all the space and the tall wall for yourself. You’ll get more than enough room to work on your art, set it aside for a while, to display it and anything else.

You only need to remove the wall storage and replace it with wall mounted table for your tools. Wide and clear window to get you a glimpse of the outdoor for inspiration, and stool to sit while working will be enough for the room.

Art Studio garage makeover ideas

10. Man Cave

This room may be specially addressed for the man of the house, yet your wife will love it too. Gaming, some booze, movie night, a little quiet cave for your hobbies will be perfect here. Add pairs of couches and sofas, bar and the table, tv set, and other things you will need while you’re here. You won’t be disturbed by anyone, and no one is disturbed by you as well.

So making over your garage can be done in either small or big scale. You can go by transforming one section or just go with it and transform the whole things. Which of the ideas you will try now?.

Man Cave garage makeover ideas

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