Creative Screened Porch Design Ideas

Creative Screened Porch Design Ideas

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Screened porch is made for your comfort while it often becomes less comfortable with the screen.

In fact, there are several simple ways that will change it without being too much in renovating.

Here are several ideas on how to make your screened porch the best place in the house that you can try.


1. Summer Kitchen and Fireplace

Instead of leaving the porch as a porch only, you can enhance the function. If you have good circulation for the porch, it can be a good idea to add a fireplace. It will make a great addition especially when you want to hang out there during the winter.

In addition to the fireplace, a summer kitchen will be perfect as well. By then, you can host a dinner with some friends on the porch, enjoying the summer breeze while preparing dinner in the same room.

Summer Kitchen and Fireplace in Creative screened front porch design ideas

2. Enhance the Outdoor Feeling

If your porch screen is permanent, it will be best to avoid some claustrophobic feeling by decorating the room with outdoor concept. Instead of using common options for flooring, you can opt for wooden floor so it feels like a deck.

Add more and more outdoor pillows, bright and bold rug and linen, and add some summer curtain to give it a breezy look while it protects your from direct sunlight. Rattan furniture, and some plants on the room will be a perfect combination as well.

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3. A Room for Dining

Despite your original purposes of making the porch, it can always be used as a dining room. Instead of simply adding a table and several chairs, it will be great to prepare one area in the porch as dining area.

Add a rug that is contrasting to the floor. On the rug, add a dining table that matches the interior style. Add several chairs on it to accommodate your guests. At the final step, add a chandelier on it to make a little sophisticated touch.

Dining table for creative screened porch decoration ideas

4. Get Some Mood Lighting

It is always a good idea to provide more options for porch lighting. Instead of using usual lamps and lighting, you should consider investing on candlelight and sting light. String light will make a beautiful and appropriate option when you host a party. It enhances the decoration while it is bright enough for the crowd without being too bright.

As for the candlelight, it will be more intimate and private while it is more than enough for the family. If you like it to be romantic, it is the best option.

5. Lantern Drama

If you like your porch being decorative, it is best to consider adding extras in the room. Antique lanterns that are finished in several different colors in the same style will be a great addition to the room.

Add many of the lanterns to enhance the drama and be playful with the colors combination. Make sure the space between each lantern is proportional and in balance. In addition to it, add something to soften the look like curtains and linens.

6. Plants and Plants!

You may think that being in a porch, you are basically outdoor. In fact, you are indoor now with the porch is screened. The best way to bring back the outdoor feeling is by adding enough plants in the porch. There are several options you can consider.

First, you can have several small and medium size plants on several spots of the porch. Second, you can even add a tree inside the porch. Of course, you still need to consider the size for being indoor. Third, you can try the combination of both with a careful consideration on the selection.

Creative Planting Screened Porch Design Ideas

7. Porch for Bookworm

Porch is a great place for your library as well. Instead of making the usual library, you should consider throwing some pillows and rug on the floor. Add several book shelves that are specially designed for relaxing reading. The shelves shouldn’t be too high and it shouldn’t block your screen.

You will find it delightful to enjoy reading book and sipping your coffee while looking at the outdoor every once in a while. Lazy couch and mattress will be perfect for the porch. Don’t forget the curtains and reading light.

8. Playroom!

Yes, it will make a perfect playroom for the kids. First, it makes sure your kids know the outdoor without exposing them to the bad weather. Second, your kids can be free without being too noisy for the entire house.

Just make sure you have enough toys to set up. Add rugs, tepee, and your kids’ favorite books and games. Making sure it is childproof is also wise considering how these kids can be. Don’t forget to add some throw pillows and mattress so they can rest as well.

Creative Playroom Screened Porch Design Ideas

9. Outdoor Sleeping Area

If your bedroom happens to have a screened porch, you should consider making an outdoor sleeping area. This is a fabulous idea especially when you get to see a good view and get the same privacy at the same time.

All you need to do is making the screen permanent, if you like, and add a lazy mattress on it. A nightstand, a rug, and a light will be enough. Make it like in a camping so you can get back to luxury in the bedroom anytime.

10. Room for Doing Nothing

The point of having a screened porch is to get a nice quiet time while enjoying the surrounding without getting exposed to the bad weather. You should consider hanging a hammock in the porch.

Add lazy couches, and laying down a sheet and throw pillows on the floor. A small table for the drink is a must and you need nothing more. It will be your favourite place to listen to the rain or just catching the summer breeze.

As you can see, a screened porch can be any room you like but it has to be a relaxing place as it is meant to be. Which one of the ideas you like best?

The blue theme on the front screened porch decoration

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