Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

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The keys to perfect rustic farmhouse look are on the furniture selection, additional decor, and how you arrange everything.

There are several ways you can go through to get the country charm on your living room.

If you need some inspirations, the following ideas are great to follow.

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1. Add Shabby Chic Coffee Table

If you have nothing behind your living room sofa, a white and distressed shabby chic coffee table will be a perfect addition. White is inviting and bright, creating perfect atmosphere for a rustic living room.

On top, place a rattan basket decor. In it, place small green plants, books, and a small chalkboard. On the side of the basket, add green plants in birdcage. If you need it to be more advances, add throw pillows and metal basket under the table for a little more touch.

Shabby Chic Coffee Table for farmhouse living room decor ideas

2. Photo Display Made of Antique Ladder

An old ladder is a perfect material to make a photo shelf with antique touch. The distressed look is perfect for the rustic look, and it is only logical to use old ladder for a farmhouse style.

Make sure the pane is spaced equally. It should give you enough room to display the photo. Add a frame on each layer. For the best look, print black and white photos to display. Decide on one space on the living room, and it isn’t necessarily a corner.

Photo Display Made of Antique Ladder for farmhouse living room decor

3. Painted Mason Jar and Wooden Box

Look at your table. Does it have the right centerpiece? The best centerpiece that shows the right amount of rustic and farmhouse look is a combination of a wooden box on top of the table. It doesn’t have to be smooth and new. Instead, you can use distressed wood for the best rustic touch.

For a little twist and more country look, add painted mason jar that will be used as flower vases. Yes, you can add multiple mason jars in the wooden box.

Painted Mason Jar and Wooden Box Farmhouse Living Room Decor

4. Wooden Shelf for the Living Room Entry

Your living room entry will need a little signs as well. Wooden shelves are often found in a country house. You can add the same thing in your living room. Choose a wall and we will work on it vertically.

Similar to the wooden box you add on your living room table, bold several wooden shelves vertically. Use small books, small chalkboard, and plants to add color on the shelves. Three or four layers are great amount, and adjust the width of the shelves with your wall space.

Farmhouse living room decor with wooden shelf

5. French Linen Pillow and Tufted Couch

The best thing to have in a farmhouse living room is a bright and old looking tufted couch. It puts comfort in the room, it makes a perfect center of the entire area, and it will feel and look right. You don’t need a new couch.

Instead, use the old one with some distressed pattern on it. On the couch, add throw pillows that are covered with French linen. This cover creates the right country touch without being lousy. You can add several small pillows or two rather big pillows.

French Linen Pillow farmhouse living room decor

6. Coffee Table Made Of Steamer Trunk

Instead of using the usual coffee table, you can use the old steamer trunk as one. It has the right amount of country and vintage looking while the shape is appropriate. You don’t need to retouch the steamer trunk. It is perfect as it is.

On top of it, add a platter and a mason jar which is full of flowers or plants. While it makes a beautiful coffee table, it will make a perfect storage as well. Place it on a bright rug for best contrasting look.

Coffee Table Made Of Steamer Trunk for farmhouse living room decor

7. Chevron Wooden Wall

It isn’t hard to make by yourself as well. The wall decor can be made of barn wood, and the more distressed it looks the better. You only need to cut it into several arrow shapes.

Make sure it is on the same size as well. If it should be match in a bright living room with bright carpet as well, it is better to refinish it in a darker hue. Bold the arrows on the wall at the same space between each other and you have decorated wall in farmhouse style already.

Chevron Wooden Wall Farmhouse Living room Decor ideas

8. Wall Display Made of Distressed Window Frame and Boxwood Wreath

If you have an old vintage window frame, use it as a wall display. Leave it on its vintage look and attach it on the wall for a decoration. To add some accent, enhance the window display with a fresh green boxwood wreath.

Make sure to adjust the wreath size with the window frame. Your wall will look coveted this way. If you want more country touch, add a counter below and place lantern and plants on it.

Wall Display Made of Distressed Window Frame and Boxwood Wreath

9. Rustic TV Console Cabinet

The most common things in a farmhouse living room include gray wall, brown accents, and bright rug. The best thing to complement this combination is a TV console cabinet made of rugged barn wood. While it remains a strong cabinet, it looks great and it is strong enough for heavy duty too.

For more elaborated look, add rustic lantern, colored jar, and vintage basket. Don’t forget small plants to add some color. Then, it is up to you if you want to put the TV on the console or on the wall above it instead.

Rustic TV Console Cabinet Farmhouse Living room decor ideas

10. Balance Combination

In the end, it is about how you combine everything. Dark wooden floor will look perfect with a bright living room rug. A daybed couch will provide some comfort.

If you cover it with bright white linen, it will best to pair it up with gray blanket and barn linen pillows. Then, vintage windows, old signs, and plants will make perfect combination. For a more elaborated look, add wooden stool and wire basket around the couch.

The rustic farmhouse is possible to make in a living room as long as you stay consistent on the small details. The key will be combining distressed look with wooden accent, plants, and metal. Happy decorating!


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