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Pros and Cons of Marble Coffee Table for Living Room

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If you want to have a marble coffee table in your living room, generally, it is a perfect choice to build the beauty and strength into your house.

As we all know, marble is known for its luxury, elegance and, most importantly, its durable. However, you need to know the pros and cons of marble before buying!



All about Marble Coffee Table

As mentioned before, you can choose the color of your marble from white, black, green, or pink or other fascinating colors. You can explore various colors offered by marble and pick one out which suits your preference.

Moreover, to make it more exciting, you can size and shape the marble tabletop into rectangle, round, oval, square or even geometrical shape. Then, after the tabletop is ready, you can start choosing various decorative legs and tops.

The types of marble can also be considered as well. Among various types of marble, Carrara marble is one of the popular type of marble that is frequently used for counter top, washbasin, table, and many other beautiful things made from it. This Carrara marble is known for its wonderful blue-gray veins and white clean surface. This type of marble is also quite cheap when you want to use it for the tabletop, even it is cheaper than granite or quartz.

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White colored marble is mostly chosen by many people due to its brightness and its ability to amplify and reflect the light where can make the room feel exquisite and fresh. Regarding its beauty, you have to consider the pros and cons, as always. Compared to black marble, white marble can be quite easier to stain and it needs more attention and care than black marble.

To make your living room more lively, you have to choose the marble coffee table that can blend with the perfect design as well as the other furniture sitting in the living room. Therefore, you have to consider one essential factor, that is, you have to check out or determine the location where you want to place your marble coffee table.

If you have decided the location, you have to consider the shape and the size of the table. The choice of color for your marble coffee table also needs to be considered as the perfect harmony of colors among the furniture can set the perfect ambience in your living room.

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Pros and Cons of Marble

Before you decide to buy a marble coffee table, you have to consider the pros and cons of marble. One benefit of using marble is that you can hand it down to your next generation. However, as mentioned previously, marble can easily stain and scratch. To keep and maintain its natural beauty, marble tabletop requires more care to preserve its magnificence and function properly.

Other advantage of marble tabletop is that it is durable. No evidence whatsoever which can deny its strength from time to time. A marble coffee table is a design of combining strength with style and glamour to create an ideal fit in your living room. It can last for long time if you you care for it consistently and properly.

When you care for it properly, marble tabletop of surface can really stand out among your other furniture. Moreover, marble surface is well known for its natural antibacterial agent so it is a perfect choice for your coffee tabletop.

It can’t be denied that people choose marble due to its beauty and elegance. No other materials are able to compete with its beauty. It can be a perfect compliment for you to entertain your guests as well as to beautify the decor in your house. Marble also never out-dated. Due to its long lasting style, you don’t have to feel the necessity to replace or change with other materials.

As marble can be easily stained or scratched, it needs extra maintenance compared to other materials. First, marble needs to be sealed and resealed regularly to make it less prone to any stains or scratches. You can do the sealing once a year as it is a standard maintenance that is recommended to give extra protection to your marble as well as to keep its natural beauty. The sealing of the marble surface can also make it look new all the time.

While for the etching, it is true that it can be quite a real problem for marble. Therefore, when you clean the marble tabletop, make sure not to use some abrasive cleaning products. To protect it from any etching, always go for natural cleaner which is based on lemon juice or vinegar. If you are keen of black marble, it is better than white marble regarding its ability to hide scratch or stain or etch better than the white one.

However, the scratches and etches are only detectable when certain light falls on certain angle. It is good to know as you can place or adjust the position of the marble coffee table so that the etches and scratches are not exposed by light at certain angle. In order to keep the marble coffee table from any stains, it is recommended to always use coasters when placing any plate or glass or cup on it. When the stains occur, always clean them as soon as possible.

You can always combine marble with other materials when choosing the marble coffee table for the living room. The combination of marble and wood is also gorgeous to create classic ambience in your living room. As marble tends to be able to steal the attention, you should pick one for the focal point of your house interior. If you know what ambience can be created from a marble coffee table, it will probably become your favorite furniture in your house.

Although marble can be easily scratched, stained or etched, you probably still want to use it among all other materials. There is no other material which is able to replace its unique and natural beauty, the cool feeling when you touch its surface and also its gorgeous veins.

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