How to Clean a Burnt Pressure Cooker Pot without Scrubbing

How to Clean a Burnt Pressure Cooker Pot without Scrubbing. Some Powerful Ways!

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It often happens that behind every wonderful meal is a burnt pressure cooker that disgusts you.

In this situation, scrubbing is never a solution. It takes forever to clean it this way and it tends to ruin the pot. So what can we do?

Check out the following ways and see the miracle works.

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1. Use Cream of Tartar

If you don’t know yet, cream of tartar is actually a mere tartaric acid. When people make wine, tartaric acid is found at the bottom of the barrel in form of powder. Being acidy, it brings even more benefits when used, and it can remove the burnt stain from your pressure cooker.

To use the cream of tartar, you will also need some water. First, fill the pressure cooker with water. You don’t need to fill it all up. A half of the cooker is enough, and ¾ is more than enough for worse burnt stain. Depending on the condition of the burnt stain, add two or three teaspoon of cream of tartar into the water.

If you want it to be more powerful and it gets a great smell after the process, add lemons and squeeze it on the water surface. Then, boil the water for several minutes. Soon, you will see the stain is removed. Waste the water and clean the pan with your usual dish soap. Rinse and you will find it like a new.

How to Clean a Burnt Pressure Cooker Pot without Scrubbing. 6 Best Ways

2. Use Onions Skin

This way isn’t very popular but it doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful enough. In fact, it works wonderfully many times. You can use almost any onion you can find, but the red ones are far more powerful to remove burnt stain from your pressure cooker pot.

Before starting, you need to get the skin of the onion first which is the outer layer of it. Then, set aside. As for the pot, you need to fill it water until the burnt areas are well covered. Add the onion skin into the water and close the pot with its lid.

Put the pot on the burner and let it boils for several minutes. Last, open the lid and pour the water out. You’ll see the stain coming out along with the onion skin and water. To remove the onion smell, simply wipe the pot with sponge, or you can also rinse it with your scented dish soap.

3. Hot Water Soaked

If you just burnt your pressure cooker pot, it is always wise to immediately clean the stain. In this case, you don’t need special trick or substance to remove everything. Instead, you only need hot water. As we know it, burnt food will stick when we leave it for several moments.

Just as soon as you are finish cooking with the pot, refill the pot with hot water, just enough to soak the burnt part. Then, put back the pot on the burner and heat the water in low heat for around ten to 15 minutes. Heat it a little longer for worse burn.

After 15 minutes, remove the pot from the burner and remove the entire water. As soon as you open the lid, you can see the food bits are loosen up. Some may get out with the water as well. Last step, rinse the pot and you will see a clean pressure cooker pot.

4. Use Vinegar

Vinegar is like a magical potion that brings benefits on so many uses. For the same good reasons, it makes a perfect substance to use to clean burnt stain on your pressure cooker pot. It is not as powerful as other alternatives, but you’ll love it if you like the mild way.

First, fill the pot with water until the burnt sides are all well covered. Add one cup of vinegar. It is advised to use white vinegar for this process. Stir the water a little so the vinegar is well mixed and let it sits over night. The acidic nature of white vinegar helps in dissolving the entire grime on the burnt stain.

In the next morning, wash the pot as usual and dry it. You’ll notice that it gets better. If it isn’t clean thoroughly yet, repeat the process. While being effortless, this is far safer for your pot as well.

5. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a must in every house and kitchen. It works miraculously in many ways including for cleaning. Being mild, baking soda is the best solution to use as your pot won’t be ruined. The process is pretty simple as well.

Fill the pot with water and add two to three teaspoons of baking soda. Then, set the pot on the burner and simmer the water for several hours until you can see the burnt food getting loose. When you see this, remove the pot from the burner and let it cool.

When the pot is cool, throw away the water and wash the pot as usual. You can also add a little of the baking soda while washing to make it shinier. This way takes hours, but you will find a new pot in the end.

6. Try This Magical Mix

The last alternative will be an easy but magical mix. It needs the combination of baking soda and dish soap or detergent. The process is pretty similar to the previous one. First, add some water on the pot. Make sure the burnt areas are covered with water. Then, add two teaspoons of baking soda and one tea spoon of your dish soap. Stir and mix in the water and then place the pot on the burner.

Let it simmer for several hours. As soon as you can see a brown or blacklayer floating, remove the pot from the burner. Wait until it is cool, and remove the remaining burnt food with silicone spatula. Wash the pot with dish soap and you are done.

As you can see, it takes simple stuffs to clean the burnt areas in your pressure cooker pot. Several methods may take hours, but all of the aren’t harmful and guaranteed to be working well. Which one do you one to try first?


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