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How to Install Your Own Porch Ceiling Lights

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There are over than 100 choices of porch ceiling lights that you can apply in your porch.

From all of those choices, you can choose the style that you may think is the easiest style to be installed.

However, installing porch ceiling lights needs some specific steps, and here are some of the steps.

1. Mark the Area where You Will Put the Light

The first and maybe the most important thing to do is marking the specific area where you need the light to be placed. Use any pencils or pens to mark the particular place.

Add a junction box for the light and place it as close as you can to the light. It will cost you less wire to make another new light.

2. Test the Wires

After marking the specific area, you have to make sure the wires work well. Use any circuit tester to establish that the wires in the junction box work.

Always remember to always shut the power off from the main circuit breaker box after testing the wires or before replacing any bad wires.

Consider to shut the entire circuit breaker off from the main power to prevent any occurring shock or electrocution.

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3. Connect the Junction Box

If the wires already work well, the next thing to do is connecting the junction box. Disconnect any wires in the old junction that probably will be needed to connect to the new one like this order: black, white, green or ground wire.

Add the new junction box in marked position where you will place the light. Use a ¾-inch screw to attach the new box. Be careful not to poke the junction box into the roof tiles if you are going to attach the box to the ceiling.

4. Connect the Old and New Junction Boxes

The next thing you have to do after that is connecting the old and the new junction boxes. Use a piece of electrical cable to make the all wires connected from the old junction box to the new one.

This step is done to continue the circuit and to provide power to the new light stuff. Remove the installation from all wires using any wire stripper then insert it through the junction box.

Outdoor ceiling lights for porch

5. Install the Bracket and the Light Stuff

The last step you need to do is installing the bracket and the light stuff. After securing all cables to the roof or wall of your house then placing the new junction box, use any mounting plate to secure the junction box.

Put the light stuff on the mounting plate after the wires are already connected you then cover them with any plastic wire covers. Secure the light stuff with any screws and push the wiring to the junction box in place behind the mount.

It’s always easier and more economical if you have done your ceiling lights by yourself rather than hiring some professionals. As long as you know the steps and the orders, installing your own porch ceiling light won’t be that difficult.

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