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How to Install Outdoor Porch Ceiling Fans

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Although it is not really blowing wind, most of house owners like to attach any ceiling fans to their outdoor porch.

It’s simply because fans are not only installed to give any additional wind but also to add more esthetic touch.

Here are some steps that you may follow to install your own ceiling fans.

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1. Select the Right Fan

The first and the important thing of all steps is of course deciding the fan that you are going to install. If you still find any difficulties in deciding the right fan.

Consider the place where you are going to hang it. If you are about to install a fan on a low ceiling, a flush mount model is the right choice. If you are going to install a ceiling fan in a space with very high ceiling, go for a model with a pole extender.

Choose the fan blade length based on the size of the space you want to be cooled. Larger room will definitely need longer blade size.

Measure the blade length size from the tip of one blade to the tip of other blade. If you plan to buy an outdoor ceiling fan with light on it, give more attention to the light. It has to be made for outdoor use.

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2. Install A Support Brace

Try to choose a fan that use weather-resistant materials and specifically designed to keep moisture out of electrical parts and critical motor. Attach a support brace to the electrical junction box once the electricity is turned off and the existing light stuff is already removed.

Replace the brace with sturdier supply for your fan which ensures that it provides proper support. Take the best time to install the blades before you connect the fan onto the bracket.

Make sure to tighten up all the screws when you attach the fan blades to the motor. You may be prompted to do this step earlier, depends on the brand of your ceiling fan. Consider about the time saving and the aggravation when considering to install the fan blades.

Porch ceiling fans with light

3. Reconnect the Wires

Use any weight strips to balance the fan blades. It will also help you in reducing wobbling and improving efficiency.  Connect the ceiling fan to your switch-housing.

If you have any light kit, install and assemble it onto the switch-housing, just like a glass light cover and its appropriate light bulb. Before turning the electricity back and testing all connections, make sure that the fan is completely assembled.

Also make sure that it will be functioning properly and work as you expect. Some of ceiling fans units come with remotes that allow you to freely adjust the blades speed when you are not possible to reach the fan.

Attaching any ceiling fans to our porch is a not a difficult work to do once we understand the step and how it works. Make sure you understand every step to avoid any unwanted things caused by the wrong installation of your ceiling fan.

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