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Garage Door Roller Sizes for Extraordinary Performance

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If you want to keep the garage door to function smoothly, you have to pay attention to the door roller.

There are types of door roller in the different sizes. Make sure to pick the one which most suitable to your garage and optimize the roller function.

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1. The Function of Rollers

Door roller is needed to increase the performance of the opener itself. Besides making the door run smoothly, it can help to hold the door.

The garage door roller has different type of strength.  The standard sizes for the wheels are 1 inch up to 3 inch. While the standard for the same are 4 inch and 7 inch with 7/16 inch diameter.

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2. Nylon Rollers

One of the roller types is nylon, this type have the ball bearings which attach to the stem. Nylon rollers are made by steels. There are two common types of nylon rollers that you can choose.

First, the rollers, which has 10 ball bearings, it measures 75 pounds per roller, and it has 10.000-15.000 life cycle rating.

The Second type is nylon rollers with 100+ pounds and 50.000 of life cycling, this type has 11-13 ball bearings.

Pay attention to the maintenance of the nylon, because like the steel rollers, the nylon rollers need periodic care. You have to put oil periodically to smooth the function.

Nylon Garage door rollers
Nylon Garage door rollers

3. The Double Sealed Rollers

This Double Sealed Rollers are made by Nylon. It has 50.000-75.000 life cycles and weight up to 100+. The bearing is completely sealed.

It can use for the wet and dry application. You can use this roller if you want to seal the dirt from the bearing.

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4. Steel Rollers

It is the simplest design that you can use for the door. The steel roller allows you to simply attach it into the end of the shaft.

There are steel rollers, which do not have ball bearings. It doesn’t break easily; you can enhance this type into its strong and durable. There are many variations of steel rollers that you can choose.

Steel roller with 7 ball bearings is rated 35 pounds and has 5.000-7000 life cycle. While 10 ball bearings are estimated with life cycle up to 10.000-15.000.

Besides the strength, this roller is needed periodic maintenance and noisy enough to apply for your door.

Steel Garage door rollers

5. Plastic Rollers

If you want the stuff which less expensive, you can apply the plastic wheels to the end of the shaft. This type of roller has no bearing.

It has weight 30 pounds per roller. Once again, you need  to pay attention to the quality, the plastic roller is inexpensive but it is not last long. This substance will wear out and last 2-3 years.

Plastic garage door rollers

Applying the things in the garage door is not easy. You have to pay attention to such a little detail. If you want to boost the performance of your garage door, you have to choose the rollers meticulously.  The sized and materials of the rollers is matter to the performance.

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