Garage Door Styles for Ranch House

Garage Door Styles for Ranch House

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Do you know that garage doors in ranch houses have a different size from all other garage doors? The difference is in the size.

Usual houses tend to have smaller garage doors than the ones in the ranch house, but there are also other styles that can be used for ranch houses.

These are the styles and explanations:

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1. Large Garage Door Style

Do you know that ranch houses have their large garage attached to the house? The garage might be able for putting three horses and a car altogether.

The garage itself is almost as big as the house, maybe bigger. In this large garage, the door also needs to be big.

You can choose the door to be single or double, but it would be better to choose double; why is it? It is because with large garage you don’t want to have a large door that is heavy and expensive.

So it is recommended that you use large double doors made of steel or wood.


2. Barn Door Style

Imagine having your garage door to be looked like barn doors. Have you ever seen barn doors? It has a country look with its design, perfect for ranch houses.

The doors are swung out, giving space for your garage doors. It also has a colonial atmosphere if you see it from outside.

This style would be perfect to be combined with Stockton rectangular windows, also it would also be perfect if it is made of wood or recycled wood. For the paint, you can paint it soft red or soft green.


3. Semi Contemporary-Country Style

Just because you live in a ranch house does not mean that your garage door cannot be contemporary. This style shows simplicity and minimalist design all over it, making the design different yet elegant.

Garage doors with contemporary styles are slid up, slid left/right, or swung up. Minimalist design is close with city atmosphere, that’s why it is needed to give the whole design a little bit of country atmosphere by changing it into swung out doors.


4. Raised Panel Style

Raised panel garage door is one of the most common styles that can be found on some garage doors in typical houses.

This style has no windows in it; which making the garage door cheaper than the other styles. Raised panel garage door can be opened by sliding it up or rolling it up.

Ranch houses always have the door swung out, but this time it would be nice if it stays the way it is. It would be much better if you have double garage doors; this style is considered as heavy, so having two doors would make it lighter.

These styles are the best garage door styles possible for ranch houses. The most important thing you need to consider first is the budget. If you have a low budget, simpler garage door style like Raised Panel is recommended. But if you have enough budgets, you can have the large garage door style.

Yellow wall garage door styles for ranch house with glass windows

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