2 Car Garage Door Dimensions

2 Car Garage Door Dimensions for Larger Cars

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For you that have double garage doors, the first thing you need to consider is the dimensions of your garage door.

Why is it? It is because when you have 2 large cars, they can get in and out easily.

There are things need to be considered about the garage door dimensions, which are:

1. The Height and Width

The height of the garage door needs to be the same or a little lesser than the garage height. Why is it? It is because you need some spaces for putting the track of your garage door if it is slid up. Also, the width cannot follow the width of the garage.

Actually, the key point is not about the garage, but the process of how your car can get in and out.

Standard double car garage have 24 ft wide and 24 ft deep, means that you have to install garage doors with 22 ft wide and 22 ft deep. But if you have larger cars, the garage doors need to be larger as well.

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2. The Benefits and Disadvantages

If you are about to install the standard size of the garage door, there might be some benefits and disadvantages. The benefits are that these standard sizes are manufactured and sold by many garage door dealers and they are compatible with any garage sizes.

These garage doors also known to be customable; means that you can change the material, the window, or how it is opened. But the thing you cannot change is the dimension.

It is stuck to the standard dimension and sometimes there are cars that cannot get through these garage doors.

So the point is, these garage doors can be fitted into any garage and have fixed prices, but in the other hand it may be disastrous if you have larger cars resulting the door has to be removed completely.

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3. Custom Made Garage Doors

It is known that garage doors for 2 car garage only have its standard dimension. So what is the solution if you have bigger cars? The answer is to buy a larger garage door.

The question, is there any larger garage door for 2 car garage? The answer is no. You cannot buy a larger garage door; the largest in stores is 24 ft.

So, to have these large garage doors, you must custom made it. There are benefits and disadvantages of custom made garage door.

The benefit is that you can order the perfect size like you wanted, but the disadvantage is the price; it could be much higher than the standard ones.

The other disadvantage is the durability. Standard garage doors for 2 cars have their warranty because it is manufactured and sold by dealers, in other word, the garage doors are certified and they are guaranteed to be durable. On the other hand, custom made garage doors are not certified and they do not have a warranty.

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Custom made garage doors are the most possible solution if you have larger cars that need to fit into the garage. Yet, there are also many disadvantages of it. The solution is to order some custom made garage doors to the ones who have a great reputation to prevent bad quality and durability.


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