Garage Door Designs with Windows

Garage Door Designs with Windows

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Do you know that you can be creative with garage door designs, especially the ones with windows?

You may not be the one who builds it, but you can be the mastermind of your garage door design.

There are many styles of door and windows, and these are the options you can choose:


A. Garage Door Styles

These are the styles of the garage doors:

1. Slider

The first one is slide up. To have this, you need to install the mechanism first. This style saves space in your garage, but it is rather expensive.

The second one is slide left/right. This style also saves spaces, but the installation of the track may damage your garage floor.

2. Swings

This style is like how a barn door opens, you can choose whether you want it to swing out or swing up. These styles are the most common for garage doors. It saves space, but it may get wet of rain.

3. Roll

This style can only be used for garage doors with flexible materials like aluminum or wood. It saves place, it won’t get wet of rain, but it is rather expensive and the door won’t be strong against heavy force.

Garage door windows replacement

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B. Garage Door with Window Designs

There are a lot of styles for the windows on your garage door. These are the designs and the review:

1. Stockton Regular Panel Barn Door

Can you imagine that you have double garage doors with swing out style like barn door? It would be better if you made it out of wood.

The Stockton regular panel is known for its simplicity yet it delivers country atmosphere by combining it with wood material and swing out garage door.

2. Fiberglass Slide Up Door with Sherwood

Fiberglass garage door is known for its ability to mimic other material and is perfect for slide up style. It would be more perfect to use Sherwood design as its windows.

The Sherwood window design uses sunset as its inspiration to make panels, giving your garage door fun and warm design.

3. Dark Gray Steel Door with Long Panel Windows

This idea is out of ordinary and considered as minimalist. Most people install the windows vertically on top side of the garage door.

But this design, the long panel windows are installed horizontally on the left side of the door. It gives elegance and harmony sensation for your house design.

4. Garage Door Window with Custom Panel

Do you know that there are some window services that give you their features in customizing your own windows? Imagine that you have garage doors made of recycled wood and the windows are custom made by you. You might be able to open your own window shop!

Have you chosen your design? These ideas might be able to give inspirations for you, but it also can be applied directly to your garage door. Now that you have known the ideas, how creative will you be to mastermind your own garage door design?

Garage door with windows that open

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