Contemporary Garage Door Design Ideas with meranti mahogany wooden materials

Garage Door Design Ideas: Contemporary and Classic Collection

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When people are passing your house, the first thing to notice is your garage door. It determines the whole exterior design.

Prettiest ornamental plants could not hide a dull door. The only option for you is to decorate it, in a way that complement your house design.

Take a look at the ideas below.

1. Modern Look with Glass

A city lifestyle deserves something iconic and fancy. Go to the store and look for some metal frames. Pair it up with blurred acrylic glass.

Bright light from the inside and two door lamp on the outside will create an eye blinding illusion. You can also replace the metal frames with aluminum. It will cost you less for the purchase and maintenance.

For warmer atmosphere, you could install yellowish lamp inside the garage, shooting to the door. It goes well with the beige colored wall exterior.


2. Classic Style

What could describe classic better than wood? If you have a traditional style house with some green lush trees or beautiful garden, then this idea belongs to you.

Pick the garage door with trimmed design and dark wood color. Install two door lamps on the side to make it enchanting. To give variety to your wooden entrance door, stain your garage door with natural beige color.

Some little windows at the top give adorable look. Do not forget to coat the door with polyurethane to protect the wood and make it shine.


3. Dark But Bright

Years ago people loved to have brick walls with dark colors. If you happen to stay in the house, then arched garage door with lower tone tint is highly recommended. It suits well to the brownish bricks and old concept.

Attaching this kind of door also makes a taller impression for the house. You might need to spend more fixtures on this type of house.

You need to spread the lights on the walls, ensuring that you illuminate the texture of the brick to stand out.

Dark black garage door design ideas pictures

4. Multicolored Paint

The sign of modernity is the various choices of colors. Instead of one tone, splash up to three colors to the door.

For example, you can paint trimmed door with these colors: white for the top, light gray for the inner square, and dark gray for the rest.

Bright color is also a fancy option. The commonly used color is red velvet or crimson red. Peach orange could also work if you have natural stone walls. Paint the arches and the bottom line with brick colors.

5. Simplicity

This idea works for both modern and classic house. Sometimes, keeping everything on the basic track is defining style itself.

Take a look at the wall paint, and choose one tone darker than the color. Not all colors go well with dark brown. Having a soft pink walls with dark brown colored garage doors will be quite bizarre.

For the lighting, install one above the door, taking the center position. It is working just like display light, shining directly to the item.

You cannot argue that garage door is a part of determining exterior of the house. It takes up to forty percent of the front view. The number is pretty big for you to ignore. Make the decoration fun and the most important part is how the door could blend naturally with the house and also with the surroundings.

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