Most popular garage door design

Most Popular Garage Door Design to Gain your Prestige

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Visualize what you have inside with something that you can boost outside. The garage door is like a gateway to introduce your home.

People will talk about the way your garage is looking alike. Get ready to show-off and make the garage door represents you.

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1. Classic yet beautiful

This concept is for the one who like the simple and traditional but fashionable atmosphere. If you want to install the high-end door, use the door made by wood.

For example, use Parson Collection for the sophisticated accent with solid design of luxury. If you like American style uses the Ponderosa collection to evoke the spirit, while you can use the Villa Madre collection to capture the elegance and romantic effect.

But if you want to choose the wood as your door, just remember to handle it with care. You also can use steel as your panels.

It is stronger and become very popular because it can imitate the look of wood. Add swing-style to the garage door to make it more open.

2. Make it Contemporary

In this approach, you can use glass, aluminum and wood composite. Make a minimalistic view by using the unconventional material.

Allow the light transmission by use the Glass door. Do not forget to pay attention to the windows.

When you design the garage, the existence of a window is optional, but if you want to feel the natural light, you can use window.

Make the window outstanding by applying the architectural details like the texture and colors. If you like glass, use satin glass to make the harmony.

Contemporary garage door design with meranti mahogany wooden materials

3. Go with Barn-style garage

Do you want to apply the craftsman style into your house? You can do it with one simple way, use the Carriage way door. Add the superior insulted steel to blend the elegance in your gate.

A wood-grain texture will become the classic outlook, while a double wide garage will optimize the performance and its appeal.

Use polystyrene as the door insulation and make it almond or white, it will be the right features to make the people impress.

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4. Use Pergola

Show the simplicity in your garage door. Live in the busy and modern society, you have to make the design simple if you do not want to give a lot of effort in the maintenance.

Use Pergola will make your home look clean and artistic; it will represent your lifestyle.  Use vinyl material, it will last long. When you want to paint the Pergola, mix it with the color of the house. The colors will make the garage pop, and the advantage of Pergola is it can make every color look good.

Nowadays, the exterior plays an important role in the house representation. The garage door takes the outlooks first. You can apply your style and taste when decorates the garage door, but remember you have to blend it with the house atmosphere.

Do not go overboard. Use the right design to light the performance and sense the sensation of the dramatic view in your own front door.

Pergola garage door design

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