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Tips To Choose Large Garage Door Sizes

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Having many cars means you need larger garage door than the normal one.

The question will be “how big is bigger?” It would be ridiculous to come to the garage door shop and mentioning the size they don’t even have.

Strengthen your knowledge about garage door with the information below.

1. Standard-Single Garage Door

In residential area, the size of a garage door varies from 8 x 7 feet, 9 x 7 feet and 10 x 7 feet. They are great deal in keeping one vehicle only. Some free spaces for equipment and repairing tools are available, too.

Additional vehicle that could fit is two bicycles at the maximum, because they could be hung vertically. More vehicles than these, you need to install a bigger garage door. Multipurpose garage also deserves huge door. It ensures spaces for you to have the mudroom.

2. Standard-Double Garage Door

This type comes in three different measurements:  16×7 feet, 14×7 feet and 12×7 feet. Multiple vehicles will fit into this door.

Big vehicle like a truck has safer sides: there would be no scratching walls and no professional driver to get the truck in. If you are not sure that this double door will work, sketching the arrangement might help a lot.

Picture how you will use the space for: equipment storage, number of vehicles, coat room, etc. Do not forget to measure the length of the vehicle.

Cedar wooden double garage door design

3. RV Garage Door

Big family tends to have at least one RV in the garage door. It is great for traveling together to a long distance city.

The garage door for this vehicle should have 12-15 inches higher than the standard door. It will be utilized as the area of opener engine and satellite receivers.

To maintain the air regulation, fans and air conditioner should be installed, too. The RV garage door will be a big project that includes both the architect and the contractor.

Mention clearly how you will use the garage and how the door should look like. Read more about garage door size for RV in this article.

4. Commercial Garage Door

The vehicle’s area for business would be totally different from the residential houses. The measurement for commercial door is the width of 32 feet x 2 inches. The height is 24 feet x 1 inch.

As each company owns different number and size of vehicles, the door measurement could be altered. Take the tape measure and calculate the size of your biggest vehicle.

Draw the parking setting by arranging the biggest vehicles. Remember to give spaces and determine how many vehicles could get inside simultaneously.

Commercial Garage Door design

5. Measure the Space Correctly

The point of installing a large garage door is how you measure the area inside correctly. You will need these measurements: the height and width of door opening, the head room, and the side room. Height and width are pretty easy to measure. Height is the straight vertical length from the upper part of the door to the floor.

Width is the straight horizontal length from both sides. The side room is the measurement of space from the wall to the door opening. As long as you could measure this area, you are good to go.

Installing huge garage door does not mean that you are a fan of big things. It is how things will work best for you. Thus, you have to think carefully about the garage door size that you want. Put the price in the list of things you should ask. Any garage door service will be glad to help you, with equal payment of course.


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