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Considering the Garage Door Spring Sizes before Replacing

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Spring is one of the important parts from a garage door. It helps the door being lifted.

Therefore, the size of the spring is crucial because it influences the function of the door.

However, there is a time when the spring is broken so that you want to replace it into the new one.

In addition, there are several things that you should be paid attention of before purchasing the new garage door spring.

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1. Determining the type of the spring

There are two types of spring, which are the extension spring and the torsion spring. The extension spring is used for a single-car garage door and attached on the side of the door and extend horizontally when the door is closed.

It is easier to be installed. Usually, extension spring weight is determined by the color code painted on the end of the spring.

Meanwhile, the torsion spring is used for a double-car garage and attached above the top part of the door. It is more complex, but provides more safety.

Garage door spring color code
Garage door spring color code, source:

2. Finding the correct size of spring

The spring should be in a correct size because it should match and fit properly with the door weight. The spring should be replaced with the same size of the spring, which is previously used.

Some springs have an information about the size which is marked on them. However, you can ask the dealer to identify the size.

3. Measuring the spring size

Before measuring the size, you should know the weight estimation of the door. Then, you can measure the between the end collars or cones of the spring.

After that, measuring the outside diameter with the outside calipers. Then, measuring the coil wire diameter. The wire size is the thickness of the wire which is used for the spring.

In order to have an accurate measurement of the wire size, you should measure 10 and 20 coils. After that, measuring the inside diameter. Then, determining the spring wind.

There are two types of spring wind, which are right-hand (RH) spring and left-hand (LH) spring. If the coils rise towards right, it is categorized as RH spring, and it is categorized as LH if it rises to the left.

Garage door spring chart 1
Garage door spring chart 2

4. Buying the spring

After knowing the correct type and size of the spring, you can contact any garage door suppliers or manufacturer who knows well about spring.

After that, you should provide the result of your measurement and other required information so that you will get the right spring for your garage door.

In short, before purchasing the new spring, you should pay attention to several things which are the type of the spring and the size of the spring.

However, if you do not want to buy the new one, you can repair it by yourself. It may spend less money rather than buy the new one. Nevertheless, you still have to pay attention to those two important things related to the replacement of garage door spring.


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