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The Stunning Exterior: Standard Garage Door Sizes Rough Opening

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Garage door installation becomes one of the most important things when design the garage.

The exterior plays an important role to the view of the house. You can begin with the rough opening for your garage door.

Here are the tips to make it more stunning!

1. What Kind of Opening

Usually, the rough opening for a garage door is 3 inches wider than the finish door is. But remember that the rough opening is the authentic size of the door.

If the door measurements are 10’×7’, the standard size of the rough opening will be 10’×7’ height. The bigger rough opening is needed to accommodate a bigger vehicle.

There are different sizes of standard for the door. If you have a single garage for regular house, you can apply the standard of 7’ wide × 6’ 6’’ high or 7’ × 7’.

Meanwhile, the double garage doors are 14 × 7’ or 16 × 7’. You have to pay attention to the width and all dimensions of the door to place the opening.

2. Preparing the Opening

The perfect size and the installation will make the garage look better. Do not forget with some measurement against the weather.

Pay attention to the exterior parameter like seal, wood, plastic, or metal which has been as furniture to decorate the piece. It will serve a better protection if you check that carefully.

Besides that, you have to look at the space. You have assured that the lower side jamb has enough space to prevent wicking and rotting.


3. The Installments

Do it step by step. You have to begin with the header piece installment.  The standard headroom size is 12’’, while apply 6’’ if you use the Double Track headroom.

For the over 8” height, you can use 2” track & hardware up to 14”. After the headroom finished, you can go to the concrete floor.

Do not forget to install the wire which can supply the electricity. The overall arrangement will make the rough opening eye-catchy entrance to the garage.

4. Framing the Opening

Do you think about the style when placing the rough opening for your garage? You can do it with the framing. Framing allows you to play some aesthetic terms in the view of your garage.

Always frame the rough opening 3 inches wider than the garage door. For the trimmers, measure it 1 ½ inches higher from the door.

Then, install the header on the top of the trimmers. The next step is screwing the jambs to the top and sides of the rough opening.

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You can choose your own standard when applying garage door in the house. Choose the one which suite at your vehicle and design it with your own taste. The good rough opening can be the exterior parameter for the entrance of the house.

It will be looking better if you pay attention to the whole installment from the door. Make your standard garage door become a wonderful piece to look at your house’s angle.

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