Garage Door Barn Style Hardware

Garage Door Barn Style Hardware: The Types and Where To Install It

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If the room could have small ornaments, why don’t you install some on your garage door?

This small knick knack is called decoration hardware. Enough with the color! Elaborate more things for better appearance.

But first, you need to know the types and what kind of view it could make.


1. Carolina

Just like the name, this decorative hardware is pretty. It has a spade tip as the characteristic. The handle has beautiful curves, perfect for hand size. The knocker is adorable, with two spades facing the opposite direction and a ring attached in the middle.

It goes well for overhead garage door as it has several sections. Install the hardware on the bottom of the second section and on the top of the third section. The handle goes in the middle, and the knocker is just above the handle.

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2. Santiago

This one has complicated design. It appears pretty, but it requires thorough cleaning. Its unique symbol resembles an onion, The strap has decoration on both edges.

The handle is straight with twisting iron to hold.  The enchanting knocker looks like a compass: pointing to four directions of the wind. A ring hanging on the knocker has grips for firmer handling.

It works best for two side garage door. You could install the straps inside or outside the door. The beautiful knocks take center point, but a little lower.

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3. Cambridge

If you love pointy tips, then choose this hardware. The special mark from this decorative hardware is its arrow like edges.

The door handle is available in two options: the curved one or the straight line. Both are aesthetic, you only need to consider which one that makes your hand comfortable. It is suitable for sliding garage door.

Install the strap on both sides of the door, taking position near the top and near the bottom part. Give space from the floor and the ceiling.

Modern garage door designs
Modern garage door designs, image:

4. Barcelona

The design of this hardware resembles a hanging ivy. If you need something beautiful with less to none maintenance, pick this one.

The knocker works the best because it does not scratch the door. The ring will hit the iron itself, creating even clearer sound. The garage door that will be the match for this hardware is a standard square door.

Arched door will not work with this item. Embellish the strap on the bottom and top part of the door. Do not forget to provide adequate space between the straps.

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5. Tuscan

This one is especially designed for the fan of medieval era. The straps look like an iron net. There are two kinds of door handle you can pick: the bar or the scroll one. Both handles are unique because they resemble belt.

The straps do not belong to the door. It is designed for the windows on the door. Thus, wooden material is the best pair for this decorative hardware.

Color and material of the garage door is important. No one doubted that. However, it does not deny the fact that little frilly ornament like decorative hardware could bring out the best potential of the door. You already know the types and what magic it could perform. The only thing left is for you to pick your favorite item and install it to the garage door.

Wooden Barn style garage door design ideas

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