Modern Curtain Design Ideas for Living Room

Modern Curtain Design Ideas for Living Room

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When it comes to modern curtains, the options are limitless.

The design can be more about the color combination or the shape. How do you like it and what is the room interior style will define your choice later.

Consider the following designs if you need some inspiration for your living room.

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1. Sheer Curtains

Today, sheer curtain is like a must on a modern house. While it protects you from direct sunlight and prevents you from being visible from the outside, it allows you to see the outdoor comfortably.

It looks perfect and dramatic behind the bolder curtain and it adds a touch of modern sophistication in the room. White is the most favourite hue today as it matches just well to any other color effortlessly.

Sheer Curtains for modern living room design ideas

2. Neutral Curtains

Unlike any other bolder color, neutral curtain in usual design has its own power of grounding any room. If you have an ultra modern living room, you’ll find neutral curtains like ivory, sand, or broken white as complimentary. It adds low key feeling for the entire decoration and interior while it remains attractive and bound with the rest of the room. With such colors, you can also opt for designs that actually more elaborated.

Ivory gray neutral curtains for modern living room design

3. Simple Silk Curtain with Vibrant Hue

Modern living room tends to have simple color palette for the interior. Many times, it looks pale. The best curtain to complete the decor will be simple curtain made of silk that will add a sense of drama in the room as well as sophistication and glamour. For a little livelier feeling for the living room, choose vibrant color like warm orange, blood red, or navy blue for your pale wall.

Simple Silk Curtain with Vibrant Hue for modern living room design

4. Curtain Matches Furniture

This is a fresh idea suggested by several world class interior designers. Curtain, of course, has specific duty to cover you from direct sunlight and exposure from the outdoor. However, it needs to bind with the rest of interior details too. This is when a curtain can be matched with one of the furniture pieces in the room. Let’s say you have a burgundy arm chair in the living room that is contrastive to the others. Choose a drape with the same hue, so the window and living room is connected.

Curtain Matches Furniture for modern living room design

5. Patterned Curtains

Younger souls don’t agree with pale modern touch. Instead, they aren’t afraid of even patterned curtains. You don’t need to compromise with the modern interior style. Several curtains are made of great linen in modern pattern too. You can combine the design with bold colors as well just to put vibrant touch on your living room decoration.

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Patterned Curtains for modern living room design ideas

6. Stand Out Royal Blue Curtain

Like many other bold colors, blue stands out so well in a room. If your living room has a great harmonic color palette, it is a great idea to add some vibrant touch in it. Royal blue linen curtain will make an appropriate amount and size. It actually transforms the room into less boring and livelier while it stands out like it a piece of art by itself. You don’t need elaborated design for the curtain for being bold already.

Stand Out Royal Blue Curtain for modern living room design idea

7. Bright Yellow Curtain

It is often found today that a modern living room has slightly eclectic touch in it. Many times, it is too eclectic to be called modern. Don’t get it wrong, you still can make sure such room get enough modern details. Instead of changing everything, simply add bright yellow curtain. The pale sunlight hue is perfect and bright enough, adding livelier and more modern look in the living room. You can choose elaborated design for the curtain to balance the eclectic style at the same time.

Bright Yellow Curtain for modern living room design idea

8. Curtains with Stripe Accent

There are options for this curtain. First, you can have a single layer linen with stripes pattern on it. It instantly gives modern touch with its play of colors on the stripes. Second, you can also opt for curtain that looks as if it is made of several linen colors combined together. It is more sophisticated and modern at the same time. If you like the second one, make sure that most of the part isn’t on stripes to avoid too much feeling on the accent.

Curtains with Stripe Accent for modern living room design

9. Verdant Green

Many modern apartments love this idea. The modern living room with firm shape, cleanliness, and simplicity needs curtain like verdant green. First, it adds colors and vibrant atmosphere in the room. Second, it looks fresh when it is green.

Green curtain for modern living room design

10. Add Cream on Patterned Curtain

Cream is a natural color that cools down the entire bold details in a living room. The best thing about combining cream hue on a curtain is on how it makes even more modern look in the room. If you have patterned curtain, this cream hue tone down the boldness and accentuate the modern look.

Add Cream on Patterned Curtain for modern living room design ideas

11. Sheer Glamorous Golden Curtain

Modern living room needs a little glam in it to make sure it stays clean and sharp while being sophisticated at the same time. It makes a perfect curtain for a tall and clear window. It keeps consistent color palette we often find in a modern living room more alive. Choose a fabric that naturally shines and opt for bolder gold for a little character.

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Sheer Glamorous Golden Curtain for modern design living room

12. Purple Curtain

Purple may not be the first color we think of when we are decorating a modern living room. However, a heavy purple curtain with lavish look is just the right accent we need. It adds boldness in the room and vibrant feeling for being surprising. It is going to look good on neutral palette modern living room always uses as it gives a fun and fresh feeling in the room.

Purple Curtains for modern living room design ideas

There are more than enough design ideas that you should consider to add in a modern living room. Those ideas above should provide you style, accent, and sophistication at the same time. You can rotate the idea from time to time to prevent the same look all the time. Give it a try!

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