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Best Garage Décor Ideas

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Garage does not necessarily need to be boring. Garage too is an interesting room if only the homeowners know how to décor it well.

Decorating garage is just like decorating any other rooms in the house, meaning that there are lots of décor ideas to use.

Here are some selections of best garage décor ideas you might want to try:

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1. Tin Signs

How about decorating your garage with good old fashion Tin Signs? These signs are just usable in any spots of your garage.

These signs also come in many sizes and can suit any interest of the homeowners. What is even great from these Tin Signs is that you can afford them with cheap prize. You can simply load up on those signs.

If you want to use the original pieces, you can go to the collectors of brands that still exist until today, although the prices will not be cheap anymore. Finding the collectors is not difficult. Simply google it up to find the nearest collector from where you reside! You can also go to e-commerce site like eBay or Amazon to find one.

Vintage garage tin signs

2. Neon Signs

Imagine how boring a garage is without the presence of a neon sign that glows on the wall! But, wait, how do they exactly work? Well, neon signs are decorations made of glass tubes. The tubes are then filled with a gas and then are bent into the expected decorative designs such as shape of letters.

Once the tube is shaped, a high-voltage electrical current should be passed through the tube’s gas so that the tubes can emit light. You can get neon signs easily from the online shop in the internet. Simply head to Etsy, Amazon, or eBay! The neon signs may cost you 25 – 150 bucks. If you wish to have the neon signs personalized, you can go to You can order neon signs with your own design without any additional charge!

Custom neon garage signs

3. Prints or Paintings

You don’t favor signs? How about using some prints or paintings? Again, it is print or painting not poster. One thing for sure when decorating your garage: never ruin the good vibe of your garage along with the overall look of it with cheap and messy posters. Yet, if you do want to use posters to décor your garage, at least put them in a good frame!

Some people may forget that lots of talented artists out there work in the automotive world. We may not be able to purchase the originals. We, however, are still able to afford the prints. So, our suggestion will be: google up whatever your interest is and then adds the artwork to Google search the term.

Another suggestion will be trying to contact the artists directly and purchase the prints directly from them. It may cost you more time and effort but you may end up paying less bucks and even you can bring home a signed copy from them. Your print will surely mean more when it is signed by the creator of it, don’t you think?

Wall printing decor ideas for garage

4. Laser Engraved Blueprint Artwork

When it comes to laser engraved blueprint artwork, you may think about blueprint, your own car, and laser that is engraved on many different materials. If those things are your favorite, you need to find someone who can make the artwork of those things for you.

When you order the engraved blueprint artwork, you will need to provide specific information about the vehicle such as the colors, vins, mods, and also the names. Find also the one that can offer LED light that can light up the artwork so that you can have more sophisticated décor for your garage.

Laser Engraved Blueprint Artwork for Garage Wall decor

5. Automotive-Themed Furniture

Furniture is an unavoidable element when it comes to decorating a room. It is indeed involved in decorating garage. Instead of using mainstream furniture pieces for your garage, why not using automotive-themed furniture? There are plenty seriously great and cool furniture items that can be used in your garage.

To get some inspiration, you can go to or At those websites, you can see Ferrari race seat chairs, engine tables, and many other furniture featuring automotive elements. Not only are the automotive-themed furniture pieces unique, they are also able to make your friends and guests left in awe!

Wheel rim table ferrari style as garage decor ideas

6. Car Parts

Do you work in car detailing field? If you do, you may have collected lots of unused car parts lying around the house. Instead of letting those car parts clutter your garage or other rooms in your house, why not turning them to be an art? They can be made unique arts that can decorate your garage! They are just too many parts of a car that can be made into art work.

You can use original exhaust system or OEM hood. You may also have unused race slicks set. Arrange them and hang them on the wall of your garage. In addition to the materials, you will need to work with your creativity.

Car parts garage decor ideas

If you think you need some inspirations and ideas on how to arrange those car parts on the wall, go to Pinterest. You may end up getting lots of great ideas that you have never thought of before. Get ready for making your own masterpiece!

7. Kegerator or Fridge

Last but not least, you can rely on kegerator or fridge as a decorative item for your garage. Not only is that item decorative, it is also functional. You can even decorate your kegerator or fridge with decals or custom pains.

If you don’t think you have enough spare time to make your own, you can order one from another company. Simply tell the company your style preference, the size of the fridge, and the other details of the fridge so that it can complement other items in your garage.

Kagerator garage decor ideas

Don’t settle for less in decorating your garage! Choose decorative items that are not mainstream, unique, and not common. If possible, choose the items that are also functional for your activity in your garage. So, which idea from the list above that you like the most?

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