Simple Garage Lighting Ideas

Garage Lighting Ideas

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A garage is the best place to do every kind of activity, from only to park your car to do your crafting hobby.

The garage is designed to have no window and it might be very dark even when it is still afternoon.

To support every activity you want to do in your garage, you need to consider to install additional lighting.

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1. Choosing the Best Lighting for Every Purpose

Before you choose the lighting for your garage, you need to know the purpose of the garage itself.

Some people only need the additional lighting to park their cars, but the others use it for different purposes, like woodworking. The reason behind it is that each light output and power have different lighting efficiency.

For only parking the car, the lower lux is enough but for other activities, like woodworking, requires a great amount of lighting. If you want a better lighting for your activities, you need to choose the light with at least 400 lux. You can also increase the lux number if you use the garage for more detailed work.

2. The Best Place to Install the Additional Lighting

After you have decided the purpose of the garage, you need to know the best place to install the lighting. If you just use the garage for parking your car, you can simply hang the lighting on the ceiling.

But, if you want to use the garage for a different purpose and it needs more lighting, you can add additional lighting around your garage. There are numerous garage lighting that you can choose that are suitable inside and outside the garage.

If you want to use the garage to park the car only, you can purchase the security lighting to give additional light at night. The security lighting will light automatically when you open your garage door and give you a brighter view when you need to park the car.

You can also consider buying a decorative lighting that is placed in your garage door to light the outside part of the garage. But, if you want a better lighting for your activity, you can add more lighting to the garage and place them on the wall. By doing so, the garage will be well-lit and you can do your work comfortably.

Garage wall and ceiling lighting ideas

3. Getting Crafty with LED Strips

Installing the lighting for your garage can be very pricey since you need a help for a professional technician. Not only paying for the installment, but you also need to rebuild the garage. If you want to reduce the budget, you can get crafty with LED strips that you can buy almost everywhere.

Although it is pretty cheap, using the LED strips for your garage is very helpful since it has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours. You can install the LED strips almost in every corner of your garage but you need the correct measure and the correct instructions to use them.

To install the LED strips, you just need to glue them in the desired area in your garage. Consider adding Scotch tape to give extra support to the LED strips. To light the LED strips, you need to attach the insulations and solder them together.

After you have done it, you need to connect the Led strip lighting to the PC power supply and you just need to turn on the switch to get to the brighter side. Although it is pretty easy to install the LED strips in your garage, you need to consider adding 2 or 3 more LED strips since one strip won’t help your garage become brighter.

4. Hanging Shop Light

If you want to go basics, you can consider choosing the hanging shop light for your garage. The hanging shop light is very easy to install and it can give more light to the dim-lit garage. The best thing about this hanging shop light is that its price and you can get the tubes for around $2 to $10. If you want to install this light, you just need to hang the light with some screw on your garage ceiling.

Choosing the hanging shop light is suitable if you don’t need a brighter light for your garage. It is because this light can give you annoying shadow if you need the light for detailed work. It can also produce bulb flicker and it can disturb your work in the garage. Another downside of this light is that it might not work well under the cold weather or below 50 degrees 50. To get the best hanging shop light, you need to carefully select the tubes.

5. Consider Choosing LED Tubes

If you want another alternative for your garage light, you can consider choosing LED tubes. The LED tubes have more advantages than other lights and they are very suitable if you want to do your detailed work at your garage comfortably.

Compared to the hanging shop light, that is using fluorescent tubes, the LED light is the best to light your garage. If you consider the quality of the light output and its lifespan, which are three times brighter and three times longer, LED light is definitely the best answer for you.

It is true that LED tubes are more expensive than the other light and you need a help of a professional technician for installation. But, choosing LED tubes will allow you to have cheaper bills for the electricity. It will also last longer and very suitable for a large garage.

Having the LED tubes for the garage will also come in handy when the weather gets colder since it can power up without any problem, unlike the fluorescent bulbs. There are numerous LED tubes brands that you can choose, but you need to consider the light output and power and make sure it will help every activity you do.

Led tube shop light garage ideas

There are numerous lighting ideas that you can adapt for your garage. You can choose the basic one to the luxurious one, but more importantly, you need to consider the choice of lighting you want to maximize the use of the garage for your every activity.

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