Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

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Many people complaint about the small porch in front of their house. In fact, some are too shy to call it a porch, so they refer it as a “stoop” instead.

For any description that you mention, small front porch is still a part of the house. If you could transform it into something pretty, why not?

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1. Park Themed

The basic thing that could be added to your tiny porch right away is the potted plants. It stands as the representative of nature, while adding pretty shadow to your house.

Since you should effectively use the available space, a simple wooden bench between two potted plants could do the trick.

To create high ceiling impression, you should choose short pot with lush plant. Putting the tall and lush plant will block the lights.

As the result, your house will look dimmer than it should be. Moreover, sitting on the bench would not be comfortable, because the tall plants attract more mosquito’s.


2. Flower Bed Theme

You can bring spring everyday to the porch by setting four potted plants on both sides of the door. Two of them that are closer to the door should be taller.

It is better when they have no flower, just lush green leaves. The other two smaller pots should have flowers which cover almost the whole pot.

Front porch decorating ideas for spring

To finish, you could hang a flower garland on the door. Pick autumn color or something in contrast with the potted flower. If you have some bare steps, put fake pumpkins on it. Paint them with gray or bright orange color.

3. Contrasting Railing

Probably because you don’t know yet how to decorate the small porch, you focus on decorating the wall and entrance door instead.

This makes the porch looks gloomy and lonely. Bring it back to life with railing of contrasting color. Make sure you pick the decorative one.

If you have brick colored wall, paint the railing black. Let the concrete as it is: too much bright color will ruin the focus.

Set bonsai plants on the sides, close to the door and a single chair on one side. Hang a pretty rattan basket next to the door to put the letters or bills.

4. Easter Spring

In some houses, the hosts believe that welcoming the guests should be done inside the house only. Therefore, there is no chair available outside.

Keep the festive and warm greetings in front of the door by arranging several plants in the pot. This time, you could pick any of your favorite plants.

Just remember that the tallest should be pushed back to the walls, letting the smaller one to be seen. Spice up things with vintage lantern on the floor and decorative door mat. Instead of hanging wrath on the door, you could put up a basket of flower.


There are a lot of ideas to decorate your small porch. Surprisingly, you could pick simple to complicated ornaments without being messy. The key is to add the things as needed, and stay in the concept. Otherwise, your limited space will be even more cramped. Get your inspiration from one of the ideas above!.

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