How to Decorate a Stairway Wall

How to Decorate a Stairway Wall passionately

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Stairs is the bridge to connect one room to another. The Stairway wall becomes the perfect way to place and show off the displays.

People will see what you want to express while they hit the stairs. Deliver the massage and do the decor like never before.

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1. Arrange the Art

You have to choose what your interest is before going further to design the stairway wall. The first step is making a list, what do you want to show first.

What are the most important things to put in the wall. If you have the ideas of put the first things first, your guest will impress on how the art orderly place.

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2. Backdrop First

The second step is beginning with the backdrop. The background color of your wall is the things that can emphasize the art.

Choose the concept and paint the wall base on it. If you like simple things just paint it white, monochrome ideas is the best.

If you like cheerful concepts for your kids, use some bright colors to enlighten the day. Blue is the right colors convey the meaning of trust and piece.

You can use orange if you want to spread the optimism signal. Contrasting the color will be great too, therefore you can paint the stairway wall different from the other wall.

3. Use Ornaments to the Fullest

After paint the backdrop, the next step is setting up an ornament. It is the matter of the style, you have to choose what kinds of ornaments that you want to put there.

If you want to tell the story about your life, you can use photos. Photos are not a new display to put in the wall, but you can make it taste more passionately by arranging the pattern.

Begin with the vertical concepts; put the beginning of your family. You can arrange it in order from the childhood.

Make sure that your memory and make the wall as a witness of your life. In other hand, if you like nature. Grasp the power of the nature and bring it home.

Add something organic in the walls. You can add homemade wood frames with the wild barriers inside. Try something artistically like flower garland and organza butterflies from the papers. Those pretty stuff will bring the spring inside your home

Stairway wall decor for christmas

4. Usable Space

The last step is to use the free space. If you have a free space, put some furniture in it. This approach blends with the stairs well.

Try to make the bookshelves as displays. Build the storage on your wall, if you like to read, the stairs will be the new place to spend the time.

Use your passion to decorate the small things like stairway wall. If it tastes good it will be the long-term way to bring the light inside your house. Balancing everything start from the simplest things right next to you. Begin with the place that you through all day and feel the sensation of the new inspiration.

Staircase wall decorating ideas


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