Screened In Porch Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Screened In Porch Decorating Ideas on a Budget

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Houses with screened in porch is a classic, since most house owners prefer to have direct door instead. But still, you cannot simply remodel your house to fit the latest trend.

The porch holds the valuable function and adds a beautiful flare to your house.

Put some affordable effort to make it even more admirable.

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1. The Sheen of Reclaimed Products

If you observe closely, there are two main focuses in the porch room: the railing or balusters and the floor. As your house gets older, these two are slowly breaking.

Having a shabby floor and railing will automatically turn down the mood. Replacing them will set up different light and vibe.

Find some reclaimed woods and brick near your area. Don’t squint your eyes on them: reclaimed woods are often far more durable than the new product.

As for the brick, it has similar price to the new one, but different shine and color depth. Use them for your screened in porch and enjoy your new snug room.

Reclaimed wood porch swing

2. Glowing And Highlighting

If you have sturdy wood material for the porch, then all you need to do is varnishing it. The cost for varnishing is cheaper than painting, since varnishing does not require double or triple layering.

In addition, giving this layer to your wooden floor will also protect it from the harsh weather, protecting the natural color.

Another option is to highlighting the floor and balusters. Take dark paint and apply it in between the woods, stating the lines boldly.

For the balusters, you can apply the paint on the sharp edges, creating the illusion of a cartoon house. You could also use sandpaper and rub the middle part of the wood instead.

3. Adorable Seating

Nowadays, there is unlimited number or seating design available in the store. The materials are also varied, allowing you to consider the maintenance for each.

For affordable price, go to the secondhand shop. Pick the one that is either lighter or darker than your floor and ceiling.

To make the seating adorable, you could also set vibrant cushions. You can purchase the cushion cover, since they are not that expensive.

Put funny cartoon characters or bright pattern to lighten up the porch room. If you are creative enough, you can design your own pattern and put it to real by using transfer paper.

4. Hanging Beauty

Porch always have ceiling, which just be the suitable place to hang the beautiful decoration. First option is flower bearing plants: geranium, petunia, etc.

By hanging them on the porch, you adds colors and display refreshing atmosphere on it. Find the one with abundant flowers that covers the whole pot.

Hanging flower pots from ceiling porch

If most of your guests pay a visit after the sun set, then install tiny lighting on your porch. They will look super adorable, especially when you put different shapes together. Let them hang from the ceiling, or simply creep from one pillar to another. Make sure the fixture won’t be twisted under your feet.

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Similar setting in the porch area gets you bored faster and thus, leaving you no choice but to move to another room. Therefore, you need to redecorate this corner occasionally. To be able to do this, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Simply copy the ideas above and get ready to lost in the second hand shop!.

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