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How to Choose Best Living Room Lighting Design Tips

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Householder has spend much money and time to decorate their home. They choose the comfort sofa, or paint color wall on the living room, but they forget to decorate the appropriate lighting for their living room.

In your spare time, you play with your pets, read book, or receive guests, lighting has a great role in lighting the room. Then, we provide How to choose best Living room lighting design tips.

Old proverb says,”Lighting creates intimacy where ever it is”. Thus, having good lighting in living room will increase intimacy in your house.

House owner needs to consider on different kind of lights, control the light on several levels to create the warmness and attractiveness.

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1. Set the scale right

Good overhead lighting will offer a great fantastic touch if you do it properly. Pay attention on the size and purpose when you use overhead fixture in a living room. You should consider how the space is used and where the space you most spend in a day.

Then, you should pay attention on how wide area is and how height the ceiling is. If you have low ceiling living room, we suggest you to use a semi-flush light like schoolhouse lamp. If you have high ceiling living room, make sure that you choose the lamp with a specific focal point.

White living room lighting low ceiling

2. Do not hesitate to mix and match colors

Actually, there are no fix rules for matching lighting and color in your living room. Suggestions are still the best method to give you other preferences, but it depends on how you perceive, what it works on your personal tastes and how it applies with your lifestyle.

Rooms will look interesting and attractive only with a few mismatched things, not much. You do not need to use one color in your room. You may vary the color for your table, floor lamp and others.

In here, we suggest you to use different bed lamp beside your bed. Try to explore new innovation on color.

Modern living room lighting high ceiling with hanging chandelier and large window

3. Determine the correct bulb

There are many different types of bulb, each of them has different function and light level. You should choose the proper bulb for your living room. Bulb will show you how elegant your design is in your home.

It is a public secret that living room is a place where you use mainly in the evening/night. LED Bulbs will have a great role in here. If you are wonder about the best type to use, we suggest you to use a decorative bulb.

Elegant and trendy are the reason why decorative bulb is always the best option to live up your living room. You can search the type of the bulbs on the Internet. Search on the google and you will obtain many options.

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Living room lighting is important part to live up your home. Choose the best decorative labs may give you huge effects. Do not worry to mix your ideas and apply it.

If you follow How to choose best Living room lighting design tips above, you will get references how to live up your living room.

Best tips to Choose Living Room Lighting Design

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