Best Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Small and Large Room

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Are you looking for your bedroom furniture ideas?

Well, placing some good furniture for your bed is essential since you will spend most of your time on your bed.

Worry not! There are lots of furniture ideas for you to try, from the chic one to the vintage one.

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A. Furniture Ideas for Small Bedroom

The most common problem for house owner in choosing the furniture for the bedroom is the size of the room.

For the larger room, it is actually easier for you to choose the furniture, but when you have the smaller room, you need to carefully select the furniture to avoid the room becomes too full.

1. Create Illusion with Mirror

When it comes to the small space room, placing a mirror in that room will be the great answer. The mirror will create an illusion to make the room looks bigger since it reflects the light as well as other furniture.

Not only would it give a bigger room illusion, but it will also become a great decoration for your bedroom.

You can choose any shape of the mirror and place it beside your bed or on the wall. For the mirror beside your bed, you can choose a bigger mirror and for the mirror on the wall, you can choose the small one so that they will not consume lots of space.

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Mirror bedroom furniture set

2. Consider Using Furniture with Build-in Storage

Having a small spaced bedroom means that you need to organize your stuff well to make them fit into your bedroom.

The problem is when you do not have the necessary space for lots of stuff in your bedroom. To overcome this problem, you will definitely need to consider using furniture with build in storage.

For the bed, for example, you can find the build in storage underneath the bed or on the headboard, or the chair, for example, is now designed as a box with a build in storage in it.

Build-in Storage Furniture Set for Small Bedroom

3. Bunk Bed

You might be wondering why bunk bed is considered as furniture for a small bedroom. Well, the bunk bed here is not the type with two level bed that you mostly see in the furniture store.

However, the bunk bed for the small bedroom is a customized bunk bed with only one level for bed and another level for storage or for your computer table. You just need to place it on the corner of your bedroom and you will have the bed and the storage in one place.

In choosing the furniture for the smaller bedroom, of course, you need to be very mindful of the size of the furniture itself. You can be very creative in choosing any furniture you want, but you need to make sure that you have the necessary space for that. To overcome this problem, you can choose multipurpose furniture to save the space but still brighten the room itself.

Bunk beds for small bedrooms

B. Furniture Ideas for Larger Bedroom

Compared to the smaller bedroom, the larger bedroom allows you to add more furniture to the room itself. However, you still need to be very careful in choosing the furniture to avoid the room gets too full with the furniture or too much empty space.

1. Fancy Dresser

The most common problem with the larger bedroom is the empty space in the room itself. One of the examples that you can try is placing a fancy dresser for your bedroom.

For the homeowner who likes vintage theme, you can repurpose the old dresser and place it in the bedroom to give the vintage touch.

The dresser can be used to save more storage in the bedroom and it can be used as the decoration as well. You can add a mirror on top of the drawer and some other decoration, such as flower vase, sculptures, photo frames, and other decorations to make the room have a warmer atmosphere.

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Fancy dresser for large bedroom. Nice Furniture sets

2. Bedside Tables

The bedroom will never complete without the bedside tables. For the small room, you need to opt out the bedside tables since you need to save more space. But, for the larger spaced bedroom, you need to place bedside table to make the room less empty.

For the bedside table, you can choose the simple one and add some decorations like table lamp in it or you can choose the tables with a drawer to give more storage to your stuff. If you do not want a common bedside table, you can be creative by making use of your old suitcases and stack them together to make your vintage bedside table.

Nice natural furniture sets. Bedside Tables for large bedroom

3. Sectional Sofa

For the larger spaced bedroom, finding the best furniture might be hard since you need to fill the empty space of the room itself. Placing a sectional sofa for the bedroom actually is not a bad idea since you can have your private time in your own room.

Then, the sectional sofa can be very practical since it is an extra bed for your guesses later on. Besides that, having the sectional sofa will add a more luxurious and cozy atmosphere to your room. You can place the sectional sofa across the bed and you can have a coffee table to go with the sofa.

Interesting furniture Sectional sofa for large bedroom

4. Dressing Table

The last furniture you can add to your large bedroom is a dressing table. Of course, it will be different from the dresser since it comes with more drawers and you can store your valuable things like jewelry in it.

You just need to place it on the corner of the bedroom and add a chair to make it easier when you want to do your make up later on. In choosing the dressing table, you can choose the luxurious one or you can customize your own dressing table using old furniture to give a vintage touch.

Dressing Table Furniture set for large bedroom

In choosing the furniture for your bedroom, you need to be very mindful since the furniture should go well with the theme of the bedroom itself. Most importantly, you need to carefully select the furniture based on the size of the bedroom to avoid it becomes too stuffed or too empty.

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