How to Paint Bedroom Furniture without Sanding

How to Paint Bedroom Furniture without Sanding

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In painting furniture, sanding is needed since it will make the color of the paint stands out.

Unfortunately, sanding will only cost you lots of time and lots of effort.

But, you do not need to worry since you still can paint the furniture, especially the bedroom furniture, without sanding.

Here are some guidelines you can follow. Check it out.

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1. Preparing the Furniture with Oil Bond

Before you can paint the bedroom furniture, you need to prepare the furniture so that it can absorb the paint well.

Instead of sanding it, you can use oil bond which will make the furniture cleaner and make the paint itself last longer. In applying this oil bond, you just need to wipe it on the furniture you want to paint without sanding it first.

Then, you need to allow the old bond to dry by leaving the furniture for a day. After it has completely dried, you can apply the paint on the furniture with the latex paint.

Another benefit that you will get if you use this oil bond for your furniture is that you do not need to apply layers of paint to the furniture itself. The furniture will look as good as new by only using one layer of paint.

After the oil bond on the furniture is completely dried, the next thing to do is to paint it using the latex paint. There are kinds of latex paints with different kinds of glosses and you can find them almost everywhere.

The cheaper latex paint will do the trick, but you will need more latex paint for coating if you want full coverage. You can choose any kind of latex paint you want, but it will definitely give different finish compared to others and you definitely need a good quality latex paint to cut the time since you can get the full coverage in one coat.

2. Making Non-matte Finish with Chalk Paint

Chalk paint has been used as the furniture painting by lots of homeowners. This kind of paint gives you non-matte finish to the furniture and you can literary use it as a chalkboard.

Nowadays, there are lots of chalk paint brands that you can choose and they come in different colors. Chalk paint is actually used to paint many things, including woods, and you can use chalk paint to paint the furniture without having any preparation before.

Besides, you do not need to worry if the chalk paint spilled the floor or carpet, you can easily remove it using dish soap or detergent with little water. However, you are still suggested to cover the floor with unused paper or cloth to avoid spilling paint.

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3. Using Mineral Paint

Compared to the chalk paint, the mineral paint is much more expensive since the quality is better. The mineral paint is using the ingredients from nature that makes it last longer and it will also protect your furniture from UV light. Besides, it will make the furniture water-proof and it will give the deep color look.

In painting the furniture using the mineral paint, you just need to stoke your brush once and you will get the color you want instantly. The furniture painted with the mineral paint will not show the line of the brush since it gives the smooth finish and you do not need to cover the furniture using the wax.

4. Mixing Milk Paint and Bonding Agent

If you like something vintage, painting the furniture using milk paint and bonding agent will do the trick. Actually, you can buy the mixture of the milk paint and bonding agent at once or you can buy them separately then you can mix the ratio based on your needs.

The bonding agent here will make the milk paint stick to the furniture better and it will make the full coverage for the furniture. Adding the bonding agent to the milk paint will make the texture of the paint itself thicker. You can use the mixture for the first coat and only use the milk paint for the next coat.

5. Bonding Primer

Using the bonding primer to paint the bedroom furniture is actually much more similar to using the oil bond. In painting the furniture, you just need to do a thin coating and leave the paint to dry before you can paint it with the paint you want.

Another advantage that you will get by using a bonding primer is that it is cheaper and it will help you to cut the time when painting the furniture.

To get the best coverage, you need to find a good quality bonding primer since it is designed as a base coat and it will make the paint stick well to the furniture. By using the bonding primer, you can get a glossy finish for the furniture and if your child accidentally draws the furniture using crayon, you can wipe it easily using the wet cloth.

6. Using Deglosser or Liquid Sander

The last way to paint the furniture without sanding is by using deglosser or often called liquid sander. It works perfectly if you have a glossy furniture and you want to repaint it.

Of course, you need to remove the gloss before you repaint it and using the deglosser will do the trick. In using the deglosser, you just need to soak a rag or a sponge in it and wipe the furniture with the rag or sponge.

If the furniture is too glossy, you can wipe it twice or more to remove the gloss. Before you can paint the furniture, you will need to let the deglosser to dry for about 15 minutes.

Since deglosser is made from chemical, it really stinks and you need to wear gloves or protective eyeglasses to prevent the side effect of the chemical.

Using the above ways to paint bedroom furniture without sanding will be very helpful for you, especially when you are buying the furniture from the thrift store. By doing so, you do not need to waste your time anymore on sanding the furniture and you do not need to break a sweat.

How to Paint Bedroom Furniture without Sanding Easily

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