Best 4 Makeup vanity mirror set ideas

Best 4 Makeup Vanity Mirror Set Ideas You Must Adopt

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Mirror is a crucial part of a makeup vanity. Considering how it plays important part on the function, several sets are made to deliver the best help to users.

There are more than enough set available to buy today, and several of them are great ideas to actually adopt.

If you look for enriching your room look and function, these ideas will amuse you.


1. Three-Pages Horizontal Mirror Vanity

This is an elaborated version of the traditional horizontal mirror. It still provides you with enough angle on the sides, which is beneficial when it comes to self makeup session.

The difference lies on its design. Instead of made of a single mirror, it is made of three mirrors, one large in the center and two small at the sides.

You can narrow the side mirrors, so it displays the side of your face closer. It helps a lot while checking if your makeup is fine on those sides in ease. Vintage styles have a lot of this version but modern styles follow now.

Three page horizontal vanity mirror ideas

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2. Playing Matching Sets

This kind of set doesn’t necessarily mean it is made as a single item. The fun fact is its mirror is actually separated from the vanity.

It looks like separately added to the set, but it’s not. Usually, it presents the same style and similar finish to show consistency. Being matching, it makes a wonderful set.

The benefit of buying this kind of set lies on the possibility to replace the mirror one day without any hustle. We only need to get a new mirror with resemblance in concept or finish, and we are good already.

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Playing Matching Sets Makeup Vanity mirror

3. Stand-Alone Vanity Mirror Set

It was first introduced by vintage sets but it becomes something that is commonly offered by modern style as well.

Basically it features three different parts that stand alone while completing each other. The main part is the mirror. It stands alone and it commonly has huge size, enormous maybe.

To complete the set, owner will be provided with a nice looking stool to stand and a small table for your makeup kits. It is often featured in photography projects.

It looks stunning and stylish while being functional at the same time. All items in the set are made of the same materials, designs, and details. You don’t buy them separately.

Large mirror vanity makeup ideas

4. Standard Set with LED Bulbs

This is popularly referred to makeup artist vanity sets. They have standard vanity design and sizes, and a big mirror is attached on top at the center of the vanity. We are allowed with a single seat in front of the mirror, and we get several bulbs framing the mirror.

It is commonly used for professional makeup session as it provides the best display of the makeup. Instead of standard bulbs, people now prefer on LED for it. It gives brighter lighting while it is energy saving and economical as well.

Makeup vanity mirror decoration ideas with led bulb lighting

So, instead of using plain vanity mirror set, you should consider using these sets. They offer full functionality while they are gorgeous as interior item. It improves the room as well as helping you with the makeup session. Happy choosing!

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