How to decorate purple bedroom
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How to Decorate Purple Bedroom (Attractive Bedroom Scheme)

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Do you have any idea on how to decorate a purple bedroom? Well, perhaps you haven’t thought of this bedroom scheme before.

But actually, it can be one of the best schemes you can ever have although it is more appropriate for women and girls.

Purple, as a color, can give luxury touch and sophisticated vibe in a bedroom. It is known as a color that creates pleasant ambiance and stimulates creativity, especially if you are a person who likes to study or write in a bedroom.

This can be a perfect color for your bedroom wall. Of course, there are several things you have to consider when it comes to designing your bedroom in purple so you can create the best design.


1. Consider the Shades

Just like other colors, purple also has a variety of shades. This means you have several more choices to choose. The most popular shades include mauve, iris, lilac, heather, lavender and violet.

Get Creative Combination Shades

If you want to use more than one shade, feel free to do that. Create the most gorgeous combination you can ever make. Be creative so you can have a more creative bedroom design.

Indeed, purple has been a popular choice for bedroom from few centuries ago. It is a clear fact, considering that purple was the most favorite color of Cleopatra. Nowadays, you can see the different personalities fancy this beautiful color.

2. Purple Bedroom Furniture Ideas

When you choose purple for the furniture, the furniture absorbs light. So, it is true that purple doesn’t only give beautiful shade but also richness. As a result, the reflections from mirror allow the room to look lit adequately.

3. Try Gray or White in Purple Bedroom Shades

And when you decide to combine purple with gray or white, it even looks much more beautiful. These two colors create a soothing color combination that calms the mood and transform the boring bedroom to a more attractive bedroom.

White grey and purple bedroom

4. Use Purple Accessories for Bedroom

Now that you have decided the purple shade you choose, consider adding purple accessories into your bedroom. Few sparkling accessories make the bedroom more gorgeous.

Try Crystal chandeliers, high gloss lacquer, or purple vase

For instance, the purple crystal chandeliers, high gloss lacquer tablet or purple vase. These varying accessories create beautiful and soft glow to lighten up the entire area in the bedroom. They create a sultry effect that makes the bedroom looking more luxurious.


Add Soft Purple Rugs and purple loveseat

As for the main furniture, you can consider adding soft purple area rugs or purple loveseat. During the winter, the rug is your everyday’s companion. And when you can have such beautiful rug under your feet, you will be feeling happier.

Meanwhile, the purple loveseat makes an excellent idea. This is the furniture you should add to get additional sitting space. If you buy the purple upholstery loveseat for instance, your bedroom look will be enhanced a lot.

Adding Purple Picture Frame, Lamp, or Serving Tray

Other ideas for the decoration also include adding more decoration pieces. For instance, the gorgeous looking rich purple picture frame, lamp, or serving tray.

Purple curtain for your bedroom canopy

If you have a canopy in your bedroom, consider adding soft purple transparent curtain for a more beautiful bedroom look. After all, the ways on how to decorate purple bedroom depend on your style preference.

Picture frame ideas for purple bedroom
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