How to decorate small bedroom for teenage girl

How to Decorate Small Bedroom for Teenage Girl – Best Décor Ideas

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How to decorate small bedroom for teenage girls? If it is your first time, perhaps you still find it a bit confusing to create the best decoration.

We all know demanding a teenage girl can be. So, when it comes to their very own rooms, they certainly have a lot of wants and needs. And your job as a parent is to accommodate their needs.

Of course, there is no such thing as choosing the most expensive decorations. Instead, find unique yet affordable decorations.

Or, you can also make the decoration by yourself. Yes, work on DIY projects to create the most attractive decors. Let’s check out the most popular décor ideas you can copy.

Adorable Ways to Décor Up!: How to Decorate My Daughter’s Bedroom


1. Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper always becomes a wonderful option for decoration. This easy way to decorate actually gives a significant effect. For teens bedroom, the wallpaper has to be fun and patterned.

You should not be afraid of choosing larger patterns with bold colors because those are what most teenagers want. Ask your daughter about what kind of wallpaper she loves the most.

Wallpaper for a teenage girl's bedroom
Wallpaper for a teenage girl’s bedroom, image:

2. Apply Dark and Moody Hues

You may have never thought before that applying darker hues can actually be an excellent idea to spice up teenager’s bedroom. The hues do not always have to be bright colors because darker hues can make the bedroom look great and feel cozier.

In this case, choose any dark hues that can fit with the existing wall paint. And, smaller color pops can also be added too.

Dark purple bedroom sets for teenage girl

3. Add Modern Canopy

Do you feel your teenager’s bedroom style too flat? Well, perhaps you should add modern canopy. Your daughter will certainly love it because every girl growing up wanting to have a canopy in her bedroom just like what they see in the princess movie.

So, when you decide to add the canopy, it can definitely transform the overall bedroom look.

Modern canopy bedroom sets for teenage girls room, image:

4. Consider Feminine and Rustic Vibes

There is always enough room for rustic and feminine vibes. This is actually an excellent idea for a unique decoration.

The rustic elements have their way to make the bedroom feel cozy. Some of the décor items to choose include dried flowers, furry pillows and also wood.

Rustic bedroom wall decor ideas
Rustic bedroom wall decor ideas, image:

5. Updated Pastels

Every girl loves pastel color to be added into her room. This color represents the personality of almost every girl. And it is also associated with nurseries. The most popular pastel colors include baby blue and pastel pink.

It can also be an updated pastel palette that can give a gorgeous color scheme for the bedroom. In the meantime, these colors also work great to balance the neutral backdrop. Consider peaches, blues or mint green.

Pastel bedroom decorating ideas for small girls room
Pastel bedroom decor, Image:

6. Curtained Closures

Here comes another excellent idea for decorating a teenage girl’s bedroom. The curtained closures, refer to multifunction décor that change the bedroom’s appearance and separate the bed from another space in the bedroom.

Make sure to choose bright patterns of hues for the closures and add splash of color. The result will be superb.

Curtain duvet bedroom sets

With so many ideas on how to decorate small bedroom for teenage girl, feel free to choose the best and the most desires décor ideas to be replicated in your teenage girl’s bedroom.

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