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How to Decorate Bedroom Door that You Should Not Miss!

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Interior designs become one of many things that is adored by many people, one of them is about how to decorate bedroom door.

This one becomes the trend and favorite one that is adored by many people especially homeowners.

They try to make their rooms or even other things in their house look beautiful, unique, and of course, interesting.

As one of the examples that is loved by many homeowners is the bedroom door. Bedroom door is known as the access for the homeowners to enjoy and relax in their room.

As a result, as the room that has meaning for them, they want to make the bedroom door into the one that is able to express their feeling about the theme or atmosphere that they can enjoy inside the bedroom.

Therefore, it is significant also for you as the owner of your own house to decorate the bedroom door into something that is able to express and even say about things that you think and you feel about your private room.

So, for you all who interested to know more, here I provide you some best information that is easy to follow and of course, you can try by yourself. Particularly that easy to make and décor. Here they are!

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1. Knowing the Materials of Your Door

The first idea that best for you is to know and understand what material that is being used by your bedroom door. This idea is an important one for you to know, especially because this one is related about how to dress up your bedroom door into something beautiful!

Moreover, if you already knew it is better for you to keep on reading this one. So, for you who has wooden door, it means that you will need an extra energy to apply your own creativity, but it does not mean that you cannot hire someone to paint and make your own bedroom door into unique and beautiful one.

Sliding door design for bedroom
Sliding door design for a bedroom, image:

Besides, if you want to, you can use door decorations such as; wallpapers, vinyl sticker, or even fabrics. These decorations will make your door look more amazing and has great interior design. Yet, do not be worried for you who has plastic, aluminum, or even other metal materials.

The reason, because you can still apply these decorations to your door. It will make your bedroom room look classic and elegant. This one will not take too much effort, because the only thing that you can do is to buy and put them all in your door.

2. Try the Chalk One

If you need something different and unusual, you can try to apply this one; that is a bedroom door from the blackboard. This one is mostly called as a ho-hum door that is popular because it has esthetic and even artsy themes that you can bring into your bedroom. You can apply this one by buying it first and then you can start to put off your creativity into it.

Chalkboard interior door in bedroom
Chalkboard interior door in bedroom, image:

You can start to draw the things that you think is best; such as your schedule or projects, calendar, reminder, and so on. This type of bedroom door is not only able to beautify the look of the bedroom door, but also able to be your reminder and even as your media keep you reminded of your jobs.

3. Try sticker picture for kids room

You have to know what your kids love. Before decorating their bedroom door, ask first what they want, and whether they agree or not. This image ideas is so cute and suitable for your daughters.

Kids bedroom door decor ideas with sticker picture of palace

4. Wooden Plate Unique Theme

You can make it yourself. The following example uses pirate ship idea with a funny hat.

Pirate ship bedroom decor ideas DIY

5. Doorknob hanger bedroom door decor

It is interesting ideas. So many character that you can try. Wrapped embroidery floss and tassel hanger like image below will be cute and amazing for your bedroom door decor. You can do it your self.

Bedroom doorknob hanger decor ideas

In short, we know that there are many things that we can do in decorating our bedroom door. For examples; repaint the color or even add some decorations from old stuffs that is able to beautify the look of your bedroom door. However, make sure when you are decorating your private door, you should make it balance with the atmosphere of your own bedroom. Good luck then in trying how to decorate bedroom door.


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