How to decorate grey bedroom

How to Decorate Grey Bedroom – Cozy and Neutral Setting

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Do you wonder on how to decorate grey bedroom? Indeed, this is much easier compared to decorating a bedroom with other brighter colors, such as purple bedroom decor.

The Meaning of Grey

Before you do the advanced decoration techniques, make sure to be good at the basics first.

Realize that grey is among the most neutral colors. It is one of the colors that represent the nature.

Grey provides balance between cool and warm colors.

This balance is the most important thing for the interior. The soft warm grey makes the bedroom feels cozier and warmer.


Apply Multiple Grey Shades

Grey is the color that creates a serene sanctuary. It is never boring to choose grey for bedroom. That’s because grey represents the winning combination of several different subtle shades in tight palette.

So, when it comes to decorating your bedroom with grey, start with the basic of applying multiple grey shades of cream tones, camel and taupe.

This way, you can always feel at ease every time you are in your bedroom because the room feels so peaceful and interesting thanks to the mixture of monochromatic neutral colors.

Add Grey Furniture for Bedroom

Suppose you have chosen the grey shades to be applied, continue by considering which grey furniture you should add. In this case, always focus on texture and pattern.

When you have decided to design your bedroom with a monochromatic color palette, you have created the visual interest by mixing several different elements.

Therefore, it is a great idea to choose several items of grey furniture made from different materials.

Grey bedroom paint designs

Combine Furniture Materials

This way of decoration allows the creation of serene space that still has character of uniqueness. Avoid using only one material for several items of furniture because it will only make the bedroom looking so boring.

The combination of materials may include wood, glass and metal. For instance, wood loveseat with upholstery combined with metal nightstand and glass coffee table. The result will be so gorgeous.

Use Grey Accessories

Move on to more detailed accessories to be added in your grey bedroom. Have you decided what kind of bedroom design style you choose? By deciding which style you choose, you can choose the right accessories to be added.

1. Modern Grey Bedroom Style

For instance, your modern grey bedroom can be added with modern lighting fixtures made from metal finished in chrome and soft grey wooden bed frame.

2. Antique Grey Bedroom Style

But if you opt for antique bedroom design, consider adding classic grey chandeliers and 19th century drawers and coffee table painted in grey.

3. Grey Customized Photo Frame

Do you want to add more personal bedroom decorations? Why don’t you add grey customized photo frame and hang it above your bedroom? Show off your best pictures with your friends, lover, spouse or family.

4. Add Grey Cushions

Add grey cushions to your loveseat as well. The cushions are not only aesthetically significant but also functionally significant. You will find it cozier to seat with cushions on your side while you read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie.

Make sure to strike the right tone so you can make your lovely grey bedroom to be a very comfortable place to live in. Show how much you are interested on how to decorate grey bedroom to make your bedroom a very stylish living space.

Decorating ideas for a grey bedroom


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