Flush Mount Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Flush Mount Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

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Flush mount lighting is one of the most common lighting that is used in the kitchen, especially low ceilings kitchen. It is fitted closely to the ceiling so it makes the ceilings look higher than the origin.

There are many kinds of flush mount lighting because it is made from various materials. It has many styles and designs.

Want to know more about flush mount lighting designs? Here are some variations of flush mount lighting.

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1. Livingston Flush Mount Lighting

It is an elegant flush mount lightning that can be installed in the kitchen, particularly above the dining table. It is made of steel so that it is durable.

This lightning feature has a clear crystal inside that sparks when it is switched on. In order to install this lighting, you should prepare the screwdriver, wire stripper, and a knife. Livingston flush mount lighting is easily taken care of by wiping it with a dry cloth.

Livingston Flush Mount Lighting

2. Evergreen Light Flush Mount

Evergreen light flush mount is categorized as industrial lamp. It is designed with a wire cage and exposed light bulbs. This light uses incandescent or LED bulb.

However, if you want to have a modern kitchen, this light flush mount is not quite appropriate.

Evergreen Light Flush Mount

3. Lincoln Light Flush Mount

It has a luxurious design. It needs two incandescent bulbs to produce warm lighting. The Lincoln light flush mount is designed with crystal tiled shade which makes it elegant.

Therefore, it is very suitable for modern kitchen. It is made by using high-quality glass and metal. Besides, it is also durable.

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This lightning is fitted on the center of the kitchen. Lincoln light flush mount does not need high maintenance because you can clean it by wiping it with dry cloth.

Lincoln Light Flush Mount

4. Ebsworth Flush Mount

It is designed with gold finish and delicate frame which makes the light looks gorgeous. Ebsworth flush mount is made of metal.

It requires the use of incandescent bulb. Different with other flush mount, this lighting needs a damp cloth to wipe it.

Ebsworth Flush Mount

5. Ingo Light Flush Mount

It is another good choice for modern kitchen, Ingo light flush mount. It is made of cylindrical fabric and metal so that it is durable and sturdy.

This lightning gives a beauty and elegance touches for the kitchen. It is well-placed in the center of the kitchen ceiling. It needs incandescent bulbs.

Ingo light flush mount is dimmable which means that you can adjust the brightness of the room. It has downward light direction so it is very suitable for the ceiling.

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Ingo Light Flush Mount

6. Cartwright Light Flush Mount

This lightning is made of glass. The glass shade makes this lighting as an ideal choice for having comfortable room. The incandescent bulb is required for this lighting. It can be installed in some space of kitchen ceilings as well.

Cartwright Light Flush Mount

There are still many kinds of flush mount lighting. It depends on the material and the shape of the lamp. However, the function is all the same although each is suitable in different kitchen. After all, the use of light flush mount still depends on the kitchen itself and the need of the user.

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