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Prepare Your Best Cook in 2 Quart Baking Dish Dimensions

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Having 2 quart baking dish dimensions in your kitchen is a good decision.

Compared with other cooking wares, this one has many functions and not only for keeping baked food.

But how big is it? And what food we can keep or bake in it? If this is your first time using this baking dish, find out more from the information below.

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1. Dimensions

There are so many kinds of baking dish that we can find in a kitchen tools store. Each kind has its purpose, function and size. The measurement unit that is used to measure baking dishes is rare enough.

Since there are a lot of baking dish shapes and types, people measure it using a quart. Any measurement using quart is rarely found but is simple enough to understand.

For example, 1 quart is equal to 0,95 liter fluid in US measurement. While in UK it becomes 1.14 liters for 1 quart. If we compare it with the number of cups, 1 quart full of fluid in US is equal with 4 cups. It can reach 4.65 cups if the quart is applied in dry condition.

In UK, quart in any condition is equal to 4.55 cups metric. Of course it will confuse you more because there are a million type of glass in this world.

Well, let us use the standard type of cups. Cups that we usually find are around 6-3/4 inches high and 17-5/8 ounces. Use this type of cups at the quart converting to minimize misunderstanding.

2 quart shallow baking dish
2 quart shallow baking dish

2. Material

How about the material of the baking dishes? Baking dishes are usually made of plastic, glass or aluminum. There might be a baking dish made of material besides those 3, but it will be rarely found. Different material of baking dish can have different measurement.

For example, when you get 4 cups of liquid compared with a baking dish made of plastic, you can get more cups of liquid compared to a baking dish made of aluminum, or get less cups of liquid compared with a baking dish made of glass.

The point is to make sure first about what kind of baking dish you are going to use before deciding about composition or volume you are going to put in it.

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3. Food

Basically a 2 quart baking dish is large enough to serve any kind of food. To maximize the space, it is better to use the baking dish to bake any type of food ingredients that start from liquid or fluid.

It does not mean that you cannot bake solid food ingredients, but the large space that the baking dish has will be more effectively used if we bake liquid or fluid food ingredients. Cake, pudding or jelly are the clearest example of liquid or fluid food ingredients.

Serving baked food is always challenging. You have to really sure about the food ingredients that you are going to put in the baking dish. With 2 quart baking dish dimensions, you can always bake almost any kind of food you want to make.

2 quart rectangular baking dish
2 quart rectangular baking dish, image: sears.com

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