Vintage Bathroom Lighting Ideas

8 Vintage Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Must Adopt

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When it comes to bathroom lighting in vintage style, we don’t have to be modest. Vintage is closely related to elegant and elaborated design, so we are going to follow the code.

The following ideas are great to adopt. More than just a vintage touch, it improves the interior value while it is being functional at the same time too. Check this out.

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1. Silver Chandelier

Silver and gold is very vintage and adding a chandelier is only right when it comes to interior decoration.

Finished in silver, the chandelier looks chic and melancholic while it is elegant at the same time too.

Choose a size that will make an interior statement in the room while serving as great lighting as well.

2. Antique Sconces

Looking old and elegant, antique sconces will add vibrant elegance in your vintage bathroom. Place on both side of the mirror and it becomes perfect vanity lighting as well.

Choose vintage cap for the lights with silver or gold detail for real vintage feeling and mirroring finish.

3. Three Prongs Chandelier

Like an old country house, this lighting option will bring back the Pride and Prejudice atmosphere in your bathroom.

Enriched with recent technology, you will get ultimate lighting while it looks vintage. It doesn’t only light up the room, you will get elaborated looking interior as well.

4. 19th Century Lantern

This is rather gothic, but it is incredibly attractive to add in the bathroom. You can use one large lantern or multiple small lanterns in the bathroom, depending on your need for lighting and decor. Instead of fire, you can replace it with LED bulbs for energy saving option..

5. Candle Sconces

Candle is the right thing to choose when it comes to vintage decoration. It looks romantic as well while it is a valuable addition to the decor.

For ultimate brightness, choose candle light bulb to replace the authentic one. Choose LED bulbs for even more energy saving lighting.

6. Copper Chandelier

Rustic and authentic, there is no one who will think it isn’t a vintage option. Choose a large chandelier for real drama.

It may not be as elegant as the silver and gold chandelier, but it is as interesting as the other vintage features. Combine with vintage architectural and marble floor, you have a castle like bathroom.

7. 18th Century Italian Chandelier

The entire parts of the chandelier represent vintage story. The chains, candle holder, and the designs, it allows you to have this-house-is-inherited-within-generations impression.

You don’t need a big bathroom for it  but you may consider high ceiling to get real drama from the chandelier like in a Hollywood movie.

8. Edison Bulb Pendants

Edison bulb pendants are quite popular in many big houses and mansions like the Southamptons. It simply deliver subtle personality while it offers pleasant vintage touch in a bathroom. A cheerful room can be enriched with this melancholic touch while it can also give expensive feeling in a modest room.

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There are many ideas you should consider. Instead of staying with plain vintage lights, you can try and adopt those ideas above. They don’t only offer vintage feeling.

They are fully functional while it improves your bathroom interior value. If you corporate them with recent technology, boom! You have the best look, the best style, and the best vintage energy-saving bathroom lighting.

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