Large Bathroom Tile Ideas

Large Bathroom Tile Ideas to Adopt

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Having a large bathroom with very little decoration touch will leave you with vacant and too empty space. If you like the wide space anyway, you can work on your tiles setting.

With a little creativity, it can change your vacant large bathroom into a nice sanctuary.

Check out the following ideas.


1. Large Grey Tiles with White Accent

To minimize the vacant feeling, use dark grey tiles in large size for the entire floor and wall. It already gives the modern and expensive feeling inside the room.

To prevent plain and dull look, add white grout on the tiles. It makes a perfect bathroom with white bathroom fixtures and appliances.

Large Grey Tiles with White Accent

2. Light Grey Large Tiles

Grey is definitely on trend right now. Use large size of light grey tiles to avoid too crowded feeling with small tiles instead.

Use the tiles for the flooring only and choose marble looking finish for the wall. Combined with consistent colored appliances, you have large and elegant bathroom.

Bathroom Light Grey Large Tiles

3. Concrete Tiles

For unusual and unique look, you should consider using large concrete tile with earthly finish in your large bathroom.

Set up the tiles to cover the wall vertically and combine it with contrasting color bathroom fixtures. This will give your bathroom an industrial look with airy atmosphere.

Bathroom Concrete Tiles

4. Dark Tiles and White Walls

The combination of dark and large tiles with white walls is perfect for a large bathroom. Cover the floor, tub surround, and tub area with the same dark and large tiles.

Then, match the entire setting with white wall for sophisticated finish. Get the same white bathroom fixtures for consistent look.

Bathroom Dark Tiles and White Walls

5. Wall and Floor Light Matching Tiles

If your bathroom has huge light way from the huge windows for example, use the same light finished tiles.

Use large tiles for the flooring and medium tiles for the wall. Finish the rest of the wall with white and let the natural light enriches the look.

Bathroom Wall and Floor Light Matching Tiles

6. Natural Stone Looking Tiles for Flooring

If you like the white or other bright painted wall for your bathroom, you should consider using dark colored large tiles for the floor. This time pick one which finish looks like natural stone with warm brown touch.

Make a pathway from the bathroom to the outside of the bathroom and continue to the wall with the same width to connect it to other house rooms.

Natural Stone Looking Tiles for bathroom Flooring and wall

7. Earth Colored Wall Tiles and Smooth White Floor

Smooth white floor in the bathroom will look even more sophisticated paired with earth colored wall tiles. Choose tiles with soil color that gives the room warmer touch.

Add white bathroom fixtures and amenities, and add some greens for decor. It looks elegantly sophisticated.

Smooth white floor in the bathroom

You don’t have to go for complicated tile setting to get a sophisticated look for your bathroom. Those ideas above are pretty simple and they don’t need advanced skill to finish.

You can have the same sophisticated look easily. In addition to it, they all use combination so it can be friendly for your budget too. Adopt one!

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