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The Benefits of Using Unfinished Vanity Cabinet

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Some people may prefer to buy the all-finished and well polished vanity cabinet. They simply seek for one that matches their interior. Sometimes, it can be a little tough.

This is when unfinished vanity cabinet actually comes in to fill in the gaps between needs and flexibility. Wondering why we should prefer on this one?

These benefits will tell you better.


1. Ultimate Flexibility

The best thing about unfinished vanity cabinet is on its flexibility for almost everything. You can actually finish it later just as you want it.

You can use veneer for original look and you can use paint with colors you want to use. It provides freedom to choose your preferred finish.

You can also modify the design a little if it doesn’t completely fit your preference. For example, you can add shelves or you can remove the rack and enjoy the space below.

It allows you to get exactly the right design you want to have. The unfinished thing gives you freedom to customize it.

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2. Rustic Look Rocks

The unfinished look is actually on trend right now. Rustic look becomes more and more popular today including for interior decor.

This vanity will work best on your rustic interior. You don’t need to coat the surface with paint or anything else. You can actually use this original look and get the best rustic item in the room.

The original look of vanity makes the high value of it. However, you still need to apply the right finishing for the vanity. Make sure the surface is safe for your activity, and it is sturdy enough to use.

The Benefits of Using Unfinished Vanity Cabinet

3. Deep Quality Assurance

The perk of choosing unfinished vanity lies on our ability to really check on the quality of the vanity. This is an important step while buying furniture and the unfinished look actually reveals the entire details. Are the screws right and tight? Are the entire feet well fitted?

This is a chance for you to see the real look of the material and if it fits well to your likeness. Many times, it shows you the flaw of the vanity cabinet and prevents you from wrong choices. You can give it a finish by yourself later. It cuts your expense.

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4. More Affordable Price

Being unfinished, the vanity cabinet will be offered in more affordable rate. This kind of vanity cabinet is actually common since years ago where customers like to order a new furniture right to the workshop. They will find options that are unfinished. Now, it becomes style.

Finishing the vanity cabinet is actually very affordable and it is very simple to do. You don’t even need expert hands to finish this.

Meanwhile, the difference puts a huge gaps between the original price and the later price. Really. If you want to save more, buy the unfinished.

In sum, the unfinished vanity cabinet is actually very preferable. It allows you to have several privileges you don’t have on other style. Hunting for a vanity cabinet? This is your best option.

Rustic unfinished vanity cabinet sets wood solid with mirrors
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