How to Choose the Right Unfinished Cabinets Doors

How to Choose the Right Unfinished Cabinets Doors

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Replacing your cabinet doors and preferring to unfinished cabinets doors is actually very smart.

Unfinished cabinet doors are gorgeous as it is especially with rustic style is on trend today.

Even if you want to finish it later, you have the entire freedom for customized look. However, how to choose the right one?

1. Choose Your Material

There are several options for the door.

Maple wood is elegant and strong with light color and fewer patterns and textures. It is a great option for modern cabinets.

Maple wood kitchen cabinets

Oak is great too. It has warm color while it offers strength and durability with pure elegance as well. It has very minimal patterns and it explain why it is high on demand for furniture.

Oak kitchen cabinets natural

And than, it is next choice. Cherry wood.

Cherry wood is special with strong color and it is the perfect option for raised panel.

Cherry wood kitchen cabinet

Hickory is great too and it has many textures and patterns. This adds vibrant look in the kitchen.

Hickory kitchen cabinets rustic

2. Choose the Panel

There are several options for the door panels as well.

Raised panel is the most common option for the cabinet door. It offers classic look and it is often used for bathroom to kitchen cabinet doors.

Raised panel cabinet doors

Flat panels look similar to the raised one but it is simpler. It offers classic style as well.

Flat panel cabinet door styles

The other option is frame panel that offers more elaborated look than the previous two. You can add more accents on it more than with the two.

Frame panel cabinet doors

At last, you have panel with mullions which is the most complicated and it often combines wood and glass.

3. Select Your Supplier Carefully

Basically, there are two options for your supplier.

First, you can opt for established factory for the doors. The benefits are they have approved quality and look, and considering it comes to standard size, you won’t have difficulty to find the right one.

Second, you should also consider ordering from local handyman. When it comes to customized look with perfect fitting, this is your answer. However depending on the design and demand, its price can be a little higher than the factory made.

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4. Match Your Measurement

It is always important to measure your need. Sometimes, there are extra gaps and other flaws on the cabinet that needs to be addressed. Of course, standard size is always standard but doing something to the flaws will make it great. Therefore, measure again and do it the right way.

Bring your measurement to your supplier and please make sure to deliver your special condition if there is any. You may want to pay attention to small details, and measure the details in the right way. This will affect how it fits with your cabinet.

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5. Ask for Size Trial

Many suppliers let you have size trial just in case things don’t go well. Even though cabinet doors come as standard, several customized cabinet has its own flaws that need to be adjusted or matched. This allows you to make sure your choice is a fitting one.

In alternative to size trial, you should also consider checking on warranty. Several doors are completed with warranty. So in case it doesn’t fit in any way, you can return it and get a replacement or a refund. Especially when you are in budget, this is highly essential.

Now you know everything you need to know before hunting for your new unfinished cabinet doors. Apply the tips and get the best one.


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