Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

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Bring your kitchen more interesting look and better function with the best island pendant lighting.

The kitchen is one of the important aspects in the house. Giving the proper lighting in it and showing a good atmosphere when cooking is important.

Need some suggestion? Check out the following ideas for best recommendation.

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1. Classical Island Pendant Lighting

Bring your kitchen a more interesting atmosphere with the classical island pendant lighting. The use of stainless steel frame for the lighting is fantastic. For the lamp, use the white color which will bring out the kitchen majority color.

Match the classical decoration with the furniture showing classical atmosphere, such as marble countertops, white simple cupboards with the recessed panels, wooden dining table and floor, and also large windows to allow sunlight to get in as natural illumination. Feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere for it.

2. Urban Island Pendant Lighting

This lighting is a popular choice on the modern city house. It looks simple while fun and young at the same time. A simple lighting with the bell jar pendant will match with the decoration.

You can use white or sun-illuminated color lamps for the best result. Combine with wooden material house wares and white stone backsplash to give the kitchen fresher breath and clean layout.

Urban Island Pendant Lighting
Urban Island Pendant Lighting, image:

3. Kitchen Lab Island Pendant Lighting

It is the best choice for you who like the inside-the-lab feel. Use large pendant with the combination of black and white color, or other color that should match the kitchen interior theme.

Use white color lamps to illuminate the kitchen. The use of black cabinets with marble countertops strengthens the atmosphere as well. Feel the thrill of cooking as performing an invention.

Kitchen Lab Island Pendant Lighting

4. European Heritage Island Pendant Lighting

The feel of European traditional can be displayed in your kitchen. The golden or wooden color maximizes the touch. The same shade can be used for the lighting. The large golden glass is the perfect choice for the pendant.

Combine with traditional mosaics of European heritage in the wardrobe. The combination of zebra wood and concrete stone can be considered as well to add a touch elegant and class.

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5. Traditional Island Pendant Lighting

Traditional design can be brought into your kitchen. The white tubular pendant in perfect match with the white lamp brings back the old charming basic. Combine it with a metal chain design to hang the lighting.

It is a perfect a idea to match the traditional design of the kitchen with the steel utensils, marble countertops, white cabinets with the recessed-panel, and wooden dining table. It is unique and satisfying.

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6. Japanese Contemporary Island Pendant Lighting

Japanese has the delightful atmosphere while it remains natural and inviting. This can be a perfect detail in your kitchen.

The white beam pendant with the wooden color frame is the best part of it. Combine it with the whitest wardrobe and wood touch in some sections, such as dining table or kitchen stools.

Modern Japanese Contemporary Island Pendant Lighting
Modern Japanese Contemporary Island Pendant Lighting,

There are many kinds of pendant lighting that can be found in many stores. Those recommendations will be available and easy to find. The most important thing is to match the kitchen details.

Your choice can be more than just pendant lighting. It can deliver good function while it remains a valuable decoration detail in your kitchen.

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