Kitchen Island Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Kitchen Island Design Ideas For Small Spaces

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One good reason to add an island in the middle of the kitchen is its functionality. Not only being the area for cooking preparation, the island could also be used as the serving table.

Bring some chairs and it turns into mini dining table. For these reasons, even small kitchen should somehow slip an island.


1. The Restaurant Feel

Those who have visited professional restaurant will see that the working space in the building is not as big as it seems.

Then the question is: how could all the equipment and even an island fit into the tight space?

To get the answer, you have to visit the department store that sells restaurant equipment. Tell the staff you want to get an industrial work table.

The staff later on will show the way to a stainless work table. The materials are wood and stainless, created in different sizes. Worry about the prices? Don’t back up yet. Even though the product is often used in professional kitchen, the price is not too high.

In fact, it has the good price for high quality item. Pay attention to the bars and open shelves on the bottom. They are important if you want to utilize the maximum use of the kitchen island.

Mini dining table kitchen island design for small spaces

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2. The Utilitarian Style

Get bored of the commercial kitchen island product? Probably the utilitarian style could be an alternative. Instead of buying the combination table, you can always choose the pure stainless steel work table. It is suitable for the cooks who don’t do many cuttings and serve mostly hot pot menus. The table could be more edgy with a black surface on the top.

Another advantage of having the stainless steel table is the light weight. It doesn’t take too much effort to move the table. If the wooden stainless steel table is cheap, this product is even cheaper! However, in the end you might have to spend similar amount, since the steel work table should be paired with suitable rug. Otherwise, it will leave scratches on the floor.

The Utilitarian Style kitchen island design for small spaces

3. The Butcher Block

Some individuals master the cooking styles with lots of ingredients preparation. As the result, they need something sturdier to handle all the cutting that will come. Usually, the table is made for the cutting purpose. Otherwise, there will be lots of unwanted scratches on the surface. Make sure to check the information to the staff. If possible, ask for the butcher block with great coating.

Form interior point of view, butcher block is more suitable to a kitchen with classic or rustic concept. The color of the product is not varied. They are only light and dark brown. It is quite difficult to find white butcher block table. When it is not used as the preparation table, you can put some snack jars or flowers on its top.

The Butcher Block Kitchen island for small spaces

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4. Repurposed Furniture

The idea of repurposed furniture is using the unused items as the kitchen island. The initial function of the furniture should be ignored. In short, there will be a new use of the furniture in the kitchen. Before choosing the products, it is important to consider the size. Make sure it will fit to the small space, give a lot of storage area and provide room for walking around.

a. Sofa Table

This is probably the kind of furniture that is made to fit in any small spaces. Sofa table is usually placed close to the wall or behind the sofa to put several photo frames and vases. Put the decorations on the coffee table, instead.

The sofa table could be placed in the kitchen, next to the kitchen counter. The size of the table is great for serving dishes. The height is not too high or too low, so you can prepare the ingredients in ease.

Sofa table kitchen island for small spaces

b. Cabinet

Not all cabinets sold in huge size, even though many houses prefer to have this kind. Several factories make the small sizes cabinet. It is commonly placed inside the dressing room. Next time you want to reorganize the clothes, probably one of the cabinet could be used as the kitchen island. The drawers could be a perfect place to line up the kitchen utensils.

Tiny dining table kitchen island for small spaces

c. The Tiny Dining Table

Remember the sofa table mentioned previously? Some of them have taller size than the others. However, it doesn’t mean that the table cannot be used in the kitchen. You just need to make several adjustment.

For preparation, do it while standing. Since the surface is not wide enough, do one job at a time. While serving the dish, don’t forget to pull two bar chairs. Voila! You get a classy tiny dining table.

Tiny dining table kitchen island for small spaces

5. The Folded Table

Another available option for limited space kitchen is the folded table. Some people are more familiar to the term “drop leaf kitchen island”. Both of them are referring to one product only. The name drop leaf comes from the joint installed on the table. When you need a wide space, simply pull up the sides and hook it.

For dining purpose, take the hooks out. The table size will be smaller. Many people love this style, as they could change the size of the table as they pleased.

The Folded Table Kitchen island for small spaces

6. Floating Island

Some kitchens are far too small compared to the others. They technically don’t have any more space to put anything. The only space is used to walk around. In this case, you can pick the floating island. It is installed to the wall. You need to pull it down every time the island is needed. Maybe, you can get ideas for this simple floating wall kitchen island.

Simple wall floating kitchen island ideas

7. Storable Cabinet

This is one creative way to have an island. Instead of having fixed cabinet under the kitchen island, you could make some space for storable cabinet. The idea is to pull out one cabinet and modify its surface. Instead of wood, put stainless or block butcher.

Storable cabinet kitchen island for small spaces

Before shouting out loud that you will skip the island in the kitchen, think again. Never use “limited space” as the reason. The ideas mentioned above is a proof that the island could be added using certain tricks. For those who still have time to change the design, do it!

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