Tiny House Living Room Design Ideas
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Tiny House Living Room Design Ideas You Should Try

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The comfort of a living room is always a dream of every home owner.

However, it is sometimes difficult to get the right design ideas for the living room due to the limited space. This happens usually in a tiny house.

What could a home owner do to make best of the tiny available space? Here are some ideas:



1. Involving Mirrors in the Living Room Decoration

The very first design idea for tiny living room is using mirror. This tip may have been recommended for many times by designers but it does work.

Some designers like to put mirrors in strategic small places of living rooms to make the room feels and looks larger. The most common idea to use mirror in tiny living room design idea is hanging a large mirror in the living room’s central location. This idea is chosen to give the room a focal point.

Furthermore, to give the room reflecting light and also nice ambience, home owners could put the mirror behind a pendant lamp or a candle or another light source. If possible, home owners also could position the mirror across the living room’s window in order to give an illusion of the other windows or to reflect a particular view.

2. Drawing Eyes Upward

Another tip to design tiny living room is drawing eyes upward. A room, living room included, usually has both vertical and horizontal dimensions. If a living room has high ceilings, home owners have to benefit from that extra space by decorating that space so that it can draw eyes upward. One of the stylish ways to achieve this goal is by using floor-to-ceiling drapes.

There is also another idea of drawing eyes upward which is by filling the room’s vertical space with a small to midsize menagerie artwork. Occupying this technique could make the room looks larger than the real size. This is because the technique invites eyes to wander beyond the horizontal space of the eyes level that can be confined.

3. Embracing White Walls

Another great design idea is painting the living room’s walls in white. Home owners can consider using an interior design that is white on white. This kind of interior design is done by pairing the color of the walls with pale furniture.

This combination of the color of the wall with the color of the furniture could create a straightforward and elegant way to turn the small space in the living room to be larger and brighter.

To add more character to the tiny living room, home owners could use texture splashes and colors pops. One of the examples on how to carry out this design is as done by one of well-known interior designers named Mercedes Daczi.

In designing a tiny living room, he paired living room in white with a set of textural and colorful accents that include wicker furnishings and houseplants.

4. Working with Weird Angles

A real challenge in designing a tiny space in a limited space is dealing with weird angles. This is sometimes inevitable due to the lack of space. However, this challenge doesn’t equal to inability to make the best of the limited space for a tiny living room.

A living room with an awkward shape is of course baffling to design as well as to decorate. Here is how to deal with this awkwardness:

Home owners should turn the weird wall of the living room to be the focal point of the room. One of the examples to do this job is by turning a vertical space around the bedroom into a gallery wall with a salon style. If home owners are not sure where to position the sofa, they can occupy a bold pattern to create the center point in an area with an odd shape.

5. Using Furniture Having Lightweight Appearance

One of the important elements in designing a tiny living room is choosing the right furniture. To make the best of the tiny space, home owners could consider the visual weight of the furniture they are about to buy for their tiny living room.

This concept is essential to be considered considering there is particular perceived heaviness from an object that is based on color, size, and also design. Home owners should be able to choose the right pieces of furniture having lightweight appearance. Choosing the opposing or the heavier ones will constrict the space in the living room.

Another important thing to remember is to go for pale colors not the darker ones. Also, home owners need to opt for furniture pieces that come with legs and to avoid any boxy pieces of furniture.

End tables or glass coffee, for example, could consume lesser visual space than what wooden ones do. Equally important, home owners also need to choose furnishings that do not obstruct the views in order to create an area in the living room that feels more open.

6. Opting For Small-Scale Furniture

Last but not least, home owners should small-scale furniture, The kind furniture pieces that could do the tiny living room good is the ones that will not overpower the living room or the ones that will not dominate the living room’s space.

One great example for this is to choose a sofa that comes with upholstered back and thin arms. This kind of furniture piece should be preferred to the ones with multi-cushion back and substantial arms.

If the space of the living room is tight, home owners could even design the room without a couch. They could use either a loveseat or simply chairs around the coffee table. One thing to remember when choosing chairs is to consider the ones that are armless so that the chairs will not take up much space.

Having a tiny living room doesn’t mean home owners couldn’t get comfort in that room. By learning some design ideas above, every home owner could always make the best of the available space. Work with the furniture, with the painting colors, and with the additional furniture pieces properly are the answers!

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