Best Tiny Houses you can buy on Amazon

Best Tiny Houses you can buy on Amazon

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Having a dream house doesn’t always start from the very beginning. Sometimes people choose the simple way, which is buying the ready-to-use one.

You can simply buy it from any dealers or online as long as you meet the price. In case you are still looking for a house, here are the lists of tiny houses you can buy on Amazon.

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1. Moon Cliff Log Cabin

With $8.290 you can buy this Moon Cliff Log Cabin. This 164-square house has several floors ceiling windows. It only means that you will have lots of natural light shining your house every day. Although it only has a single room, you will not regret choosing this house because the room can be functioned for both living room and bed room.

Use it as living room at daylight and turn it into bed room when the sun goes down and the stars come. Don’t think that the floors ceiling window will be only beneficial on daylight. You can also enjoy the stars at the night from there, and not to mention that the ship is free.

Moon Cliff Log Cabin Tiny House Design

2. Nordica Cabin

Have you ever imagined a tiny house with two floors? Stop imagining because Nordica Cabin shows you how a tiny house with two floors should be. The 191-square feet on the main floor is enough to provide a tiny house with double floors, while the loft offers you 95-square feet to be maximized with your wildest ideas.

As information, the 95-square foot is enough for you to install a mini kitchen even a bathroom. Just imagine you will be able to cook from your second floors in your tiny house, or taking a bath on your second floor of your tiny house. This Nordica Cabin is priced $16.950 and guess what, with free shipping.

Nordica Cabin Tiny House Design Allwood Kit with Loft

3. Ranger Cabin

You may think that it’s a house designed for Power Rangers. If you look at the size, you may right. This Ranger Cabin has two floors, like the previous cabin mentioned. The difference is this Ranger Cabin comes in larger size. No wonder if it’s named Ranger Cabin. This cabin is big enough for a tiny house.

The main floor of the cabin has 259-square feet, while the loft has 168-square feet, complete with its thick energy efficient walls. Can you imagine what will you do in tiny house with that amount of space? You decide. One sure thing is that this Ranger Cabin is a tiny house with large size. Therefore, it’s priced 19.990 on Amazon, with free shipping.

Allowed Ranger Kit Cabin 259 SQF 168 SQF Loft

4. Sunray Cabin

Once you have seen this tiny house, you will understand why it’s named Sunray Cabin. This tiny house has many front facing windows that allow you to enjoy the enough amount of sunlight every day.  This 162-square feet cabin will be perfectly owned if you live near beach. Enjoying beautiful view from your front door is not a dream anymore.

Not to mention that this cabin provides two rooms as well as the porch. Can you imagine living near beach with porch inside your house? Stop imagining and make it comes true. The cost? Only $8,690 with free shipping.

Sunray Allwood Sunray 162 SQF Kit Cabin

5. Timber Frame Cabin

If a house has 725-square feet, will you still label it as tiny house? This is what you can find in Amazon. Compared to all tiny houses you have ever seen, this Timber Frame Cabin offers you more than just a tiny house and probably some people will also consider it as a mansion. However, you have to know what you can do inside this so-called tiny house.

This Timber Frame Cabin has two bedrooms as well as the ready-use bathroom. Not to mention that you are also offered an ample room with a full stock kitchen set. No wonder if this cabin is priced $59.321 and $4,49 for the shipping.

Timber frame kit cabin for sale amazon

6. Timberline Cabin

Although this house is not as luxurious as the previous one, you may still be wondering whether you call it a tiny house or not. This Timberline Cabin has two floors, with 354-square feet on the main floor and additional 129-square feet for the loft.

Although it’s smaller than the previous cabin mentioned, Timberline Cabin provides three rooms on the main floor as well as the kitchen and the bathroom. What can you do with the loft? Well, just install what you need to install there since the 129-square feet space is more than enough for a loft. This Timberline Cabin is priced $34.900 with free shipping.

Timberline Cabin Tiny House Design Amazon

7. Arlanda Garden House

If you are a fond of modern style house, Arlanda Garden House may be the proper choice for you. Compared to any other houses with the same size, this house offers modern style from both interior and exterior design. The 180-square foot is more than ideal for a tiny house with modern touch.

However, if you decide to choose this house, you have to install any plumbing and wiring first. You can do it by yourself or simply pay some professional workers for the installation. The house itself is priced only $7.790, surely with free shipping.

Allwood Arlanda Garden House Kit

8. Getaway Cabin

There is a particular reason why this house is called Getaway Cabin. It’s because this tiny house will suit the most in an environment that is far from any distraction. That’s why they name it Getaway Cabin. Surely, that’s not the only thing you can get from this cabin.

The outdoor living space from this tiny house will guarantee you enjoyable days. A small porch is also provided to serve any better living weather inside your tiny house. Getaway Cabin has two floors with nearly 300-square feet. Three rooms are available on the main floor while you can do anything you want for the loft. The cabin is priced $19.250 with free shipping as well.

Getaway Cabin Kit

Buying a tiny house on Amazon is surely the best choice if you don’t have enough time to build your house from the beginning. With the right cost and the right place, you can easily have your dream house.

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