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Most Popular Home Decor Ideas Using Wood

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In decorating our home, we can use so many materials. However, from all materials available, some home owners like to use wood as their main materials.

They different reasons why they like to use wood. So, if you are one of them, here are some decor ideas using wood that you may try to your home.

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1. Calligraphy Quote

This idea is probably the idea that is mostly used by many people when they decide to use wood for decor.

Moreover, you can also see calligraphy quote decor in cafe, restaurant or any other similar places. It’s because you will not find it complicated to create such idea. Normally, a calligraphy quote is hung on your most favorite room of your home.

You can decide whether you will do it by yourself or simply order it from some wood artist. Surely, there are many differences from both ways. If you decide to do it by yourself, then you have to start from looking for the raw materials and do some project to prepare the materials.

If you decide to order it from some wood artist, you simply choose the design; decide the quote and they will do the work for you. Surely, the cost will be different from both doing it by yourself or simply ask other people. You can decide which way you prefer.

Wood calligraphy home decor ideas
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2. Photo Wall Art

This idea has the same concept with the previous one. The difference is if calligraphy quote focuses on words or sentences, this idea focuses on photo. Thus, you can say that it’s like a photograph but made of wood. Therefore, unless you have very talented piece of skill, it’s almost impossible for you to create it by yourself.

Besides, creating a photo wall art made of wood will be much more difficult than creating a calligraphy quote made of wood. You will not only need to create it from raw wood materials but you will also need to have a decent printing machine that can deal with wood. Hence, order it from other people is the best choice in case you are interested to try this idea.

Wood Photo Wall Art Home Decor Ideas

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3. Pieced Wood Arrow

If the two previous ideas are unlikely to be done by yourself, this idea is much more doable, yet still offer you a nice piece of art. Pieced wood arrows are mostly found and used in cafe or restaurants, to show the customers about some specific places like toilet, cashier, etc. However, it does not mean that you can use it in your home.

Besides, it’s totally possible for you to create it by your own. A pieced wood arrow is much more doable than a calligraphy quote or photo wall art. The point is you have to look for the suitable types of wood as the materials. Otherwise, you will find it harder in the process if the materials do not suit with the process.

Basically, creating a pieced wood arrow is almost similar with creating an art work. Hence, the tools you need to prepare will not be as complicated as the tool you need to prepare for the two ideas mentioned previously. Therefore, creating it by yourself is more recommended since it’s doable.

Pieced Wood Arrow Home Decor Ideas
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4. Handcrafted Jewelry Holder

This idea is almost similar with the previous one. Moreover, it’s better for you to create it by yourself since the work is actually simple, yet meaningful. What makes you prefer to create it by yourself is the fact that you can also maximize any of your used materials, in this case wood, as the main materials. A handcrafted jewelry holder is not only useful as an art work but also is useful as the place you can hang your jewelry.

Just like its name, you can express your wild ideas by creating a handcrafted jewelry holder, so that you can hang your beloved jewelry. The only cost you have to pay is probably for the paint, since you need to make it looks as beautiful as possible.

The best part of creating this handcrafted jewelry holder is that you can utilize your used woods as the main materials. As long as you create it as beautiful as possible, it will look like an expensive art work you just purchased from local store or online.

Handcrafted Jewelry Holder Wooden Home decor ideas
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5. Wood Shelves

This idea is not only simple but also affordable. If you have so many books in your home but you run out of space, creating wood shelves seems the best solution. The point is you have to look for the proper raw materials. In this case, you have to look for the thicker wood materials compared to the materials for the pieced wood arrow.

Since it’s simple and affordable, creating the wood shelves is much more preferable to minimize the cost. Once you have got the proper materials, you don’t have to worry about the rest. As long as you are familiar with shelving works, creating this one is not that complicated. Just make sure that you create it as interesting as possible.

Wooden shelves home decor ideas

6. Photo Clipboards

The last but not the least, you can create photo clipboards made of woods. Moreover, it’s fair to say that this idea is probably the simplest and the cheapest one compared to all the ideas above. The main concept of this idea is displaying your printed photos on wooden boards. Therefore, it’s called photo clipboards.

Wood Photo Clipboards Home Decor
Image: coralgardensnews.com

You just simply print the photos you want to display, and then look for the wooden materials. Your next job is to make sure that all the wooden boards have the same size. Don’t forget to polish the wooden boards before you display your photos on them. The last step is to make sure that the wooden boards can be hung, and then you can choose your most favorite spot in your home.

Decorating your home does not always need high budget, especially when you decide to use woods as the main materials. As long as you are sure about what to do, decorating your home with wooden materials is not as complicated as you imagine.


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